🔮 (AddOn) Déjà Vu Trade / Scalping - Intraday TRIAL

The Indicator (AddOn) Déjà Vu Trades allows you to operate safely and calmly, telling you exactly where to place your orders, helping you to always win up and / or down.

AddOn Déjà Vu Trades has several integrated indicators, which are integrated in the correct way to give you alerts of entries in the uptrend or bearish trend in any market and at sea.

It has 4 main indicators, which can be seen at any time in the same image. they are supports and resistors, strong trend, soft tendency, and backward alerts. United at the exact moment for the entries of your operations.

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Notes de version: Fixed
Notes de version: get better V. 3.1.0

Please watch the English instruction video:

Please watch the Spanish instruction video:
Notes de version: V 4.0.0
Notes de version: Versión 4.1.0
Notes de version: V. 4.2.0
Notes de version: V. 6.0.0
Notes de version: v. 6.1.0 up
Notes de version: V. 6.1.0
Notes de version: V. 6.1.0 Up
Notes de version: V. 6.1.1 Up
Notes de version: V.6.5.0
Notes de version: V. 6.5.5
Notes de version: V 6.6.2
Notes de version: V 6.6.2 UP
Notes de version: V. 7.0.2
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hello there, how to get the indicator, and make it work.
bettole byehibye1
@byehibye1, Hello ... Of Course ... please Join on Telegram
bettole byehibye1
@byehibye1, Please watch the English instruction video:
Please watch the English instruction video:
join the english channel of Telegram:
can you make video in english
+1 Répondre
bettole bitmexacademypro
Yes, we are working at this moment in this video in English
+1 Répondre
ArehandoraO bitmexacademypro
+1 Répondre
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