【Super Bollinger】

The market consists of three phases: an uptrend phase, a downtrend phase, and a range-bound phase.Furthermore, if we include a trend phase and a correction phase, the market has five phases. In other words, the market is classified into the “five phases” as below:

1) Uptrend market (trend phase, upward bias)
2) Downtrend market (trend phase, downward bias)
3) Upward correction phase (correction phase, upward bias)
4) Downward correction phase (correction phase, downward bias)
5) Range-bound phase, sideways (correction phase, basically not biased)

For your judgment of the above market trends, Super Bollinger is extremely useful and effective. And Super Bollinger has advantage in judging market price level.


With regard to Chikou Span,this span gives very useful information about (1) the direction of the market (being in an upward bias by buying pressure or in a downward bias by selling pressure) , (2) the timing of buying on the dip or selling on the rally, (3) the market’s temporal rhythm etc..


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