[PX] ADX Boxes

Hello guys,

today I would like to share an indicator that I had in my mind for quite some time. I call it ADX Boxes.

How does it work?

What the indicator does is very simple. Whenever the ADX falls below a certain threshold (which can be managed in the user input settings) a box will appear. The box will continue to grow as long as the ADX stays below the threshold. Once the ADX goes back above the threshold, the box will stop growing and will set its right border.

There are two modes, which can be used to determine the upper and lower border of the box. The first one is called "Extremes", which plots the borders the highest high and lowest low for the range below the threshold. The second one is called "Avg. High/Low", which plots the borders at the average high and average low within the range.
Furthermore, the indicator contains an option to show the average value of the detected range below the ADX threshold.

Just like all my other indicator scripts, this one comes with different styling options for boxes in progress, settled boxes and the average value.

Hopefully, some of you find it useful.

Make sure you leave a follow and a like :)

Happy trading!!
Notes de version: Added the option "Show Box?" to turn on and off the box visualization. Turning the box off enables the indicator to plot more mid-lines in history, which turned out to be very useful when projected into the future.
Notes de version: Added an option to extend the mid line.
Notes de version: Fixed "Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series."-error and updated header.
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Hi, if I well understood this indicator could give a hint when the market is going horizontal? Correct
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thanks paax very good
ive been trying to us this along with my script its very helpful but im trying to only plot my long/short signals when there are no ADX boxes forming or complete can you tell me which variable plots the forming and completed line of the box so i can say for example :
longCond = long and not(ADX BOX is forming or completed)
shortCond = short and not(ADX BOX is forming or completed)
hello Paaax,
how do i get the top or bottom lines of the box when its in progress or finished, lets say I wanted to code something like this for example:
(low<=bottom of box)
(high>=top of box)
if (candle is in the box forming or completed)
Just what I needed. Excellent tool. Thank you very much.
I have this error
Script could not be translated from: )|E||B|showBox
it says - the pine cannot determine the referencing length of series. what should i do?
paaax siddharthbudhale
I'm having issue with the indicator
Very useful, thank you!
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