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The goal of this indicator is to anticipate potentially "choppy" New York trading sessions, based on what price does during the Asia and London trading sessions. Based on some user-defined success criteria, we can also track how successful these warnings are.

Many Inner Circle Trader (ICT) students have noted that choppy New York sessions are often preceded by erratic London sessions which take both the high and low of the Asian range.

When this criteria is true and warnings are enabled, a table will automatically populate with a custom warning message for the duration of the NY session, indicating to the user that it could be a choppy trading day.

We can measure and track the success rate of these warnings via the following success criteria:
- NY stays within London range
- NY exceeds London high and low
- NY closes within London range
- NY range is too small

The first three criteria should be self explanatory - the NY range either stays within the London high & low, exceeds them both, or closes within them.

The last criteria is a measure of the New York range compared to a user defined standard deviation of all historical ranges (for the number of sessions that the current chart can load). The default value of 1.5 would imply that a "successful" S&D day could be if the NY range (from high to low) was less than or equal to 1.5 standard deviations of all past ranges.

All these options can be toggled on/off as well, for those that only want to consider certain success criteria and not others. When any of the selected success criteria are true, that essentially indicates that the current session's warning was successful.

Notes de version:
- Enabled warning labels by default to avoid confusion for new users

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