M.Right Candlestick Patterns & Bulkowski Percentages 1.0

Hello Traders!

As a fan of Bulkowski, I figured I'd release this for everyone's benefit as well.
The legendary candlestick pattern expert, Thomas Bulkowski, has over 35 years of trading and analysis experience and is the absolute go-to expert when it comes to candlestick pattern identification.

Bulkowski Candlestick Percentages from his site and books.
Source: Built in "All Candlestick Patterns"

In this version,
--> Added 8 Candles and removed some that are statistically insignificant and others that Bulkowski doesn't use (can add back if requested).
--> Added 2 Colors for Bullish and Bearish Continuations.
----> Assigned Colors Tested performance to Continuations.
--> Built-in Variables and Candles adjusted slightly to conform to Bulkowski pattern principles.
--> Moved inputs back to ABC order.
--> Decided to leave the theoretical performance positioning for the signal (i.e. Top for theoretically bearish ). However..
----> I adjusted the signal color to match Bulkowski's tested performance.
--> Removed Plot Close (obsolete)
--> Hover over signal to see both Theoretical and Tested Performance.

Figured I'd help give an edge to the @TradingView Community like so many before me have been able to.

Please feel free to add comments, share insight, and of course, like!


Published scripts: https://www.tradingview.com/u/mikeright25

Any support for my kids and coding education is appreciated. Like & follow for great ideas & indicators!

I'd love a coffee/beer :)
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