Fancy Moving Average [BigBitsIO]

This script is for a single moving average with as many features as I can possibly fit into a single moving average. If you can think of more, or have questions regarding this script, please message me or contact me via social media.

- A single moving average (MA).

- Standard MA inputs.
- MA type.
- MA period.
- MA price.
- MA resolution (time frame).
- Visibility toggle.

- Fancy MA inputs.
- Toggle to show only candles included in the MA calculation ("Highlight inclusion") or display entire MA history.
- Toggle to show a ghost trail when Highlight inclusion is toggled on. Displays a shaded version of past MA history before the inclusion period (as seen on snapshot).
- Toggle to show forecast values for the MA.
- Other inputs related to forecasting:
- Forecast bias. (Neutral forecasts MA if the current price remains the same.)
- Forecast period.
- Forecast magnitude.

*** DISCLAIMER: For educational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this content should be interpreted as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment including all types of crypto. DYOR, TYOB. ***
Notes de version: Added a new option to select a different candle type to use to plot the moving average. Tickerids are created using the example values on the pine script reference manual for each different type of candle.
Notes de version: Snapshot update
Notes de version: Replaced custom hull moving calculation with the built-in function provided in pine.

Also, fixed a bug where selecting an MA Period <= 5 would result in an indicator error. Now forecasts are shortened with MA Periods 5 and below as they would otherwise rely on 50% or more assumed data.
Notes de version: Update: Fixed a bug where using a custom resolution would result in ghost trails not aligning correctly with inclusion trails.
Notes de version: Update: Added a couple of built-in alert conditions.
Notes de version: Replaced nested if statements with else if statements
Notes de version: Added ALMA

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