Intraday rejection levels

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3 supports, 3 resistances and an equilibrium price per day displayed at 9am (GMT+2), calculated on the dynamic study of the market at its opening over a certain period that we could qualify as "first opening interventions"

Method: We are interested in the first reaction of the market when it discovers one of the levels.
The red and green zones (from levels R2 to R3) are the zones of rejections/daily overextensions with large RRs of which we will appreciate a rejection for the US opening (where the zones are more opaque, the Killzone!), because the session US is known to either accompany the London session or completely break the trend.

Equilibrium, on the other hand, is a retest zone that can be traded in several directions, ideal for capturing the first retracement / retest of a recently broken structure:

Activate "EL" to display an ideally early morning rejection area so levels can be scalped! They correspond to opportunistic areas above the high and below the low of a custom Asian session ignoring part of the London open - which I consider to be liquidity :):

FIRST SETUP: Confluence R1/R2 with the EL!

SECOND SETUP: The price does not frequent the R2/R3 zone during London but only during the killzone:

Anticipate rejection zones, put them in confluence to find the best opportunity!

I'm only interested in the first reaction on these levels
You can measure the difference between R1 and EQ: on average on the EURUSD it must be 20 to 30 pips! Apart from these values, I deduce that the market is unbalanced: I lower my risk on my scalps and I am more cautious.
It is possible to use the previous day's levels to look for correlations
Ideally, the Asia range Custom should not take the high/low of the day before (see "LIquidity maps" indicator on our profile for optimal use)

As an option you can display the standard pivot, and activate the "crypto" mode to be able to use it on your favorite crypto :)
Notes de version:
wintertime will no longer bug. :)
Notes de version:
-now you can hide the levels of the previous days
-intervention zones are now displayed in full as soon as they appear, instead of in real time
- fixed a display bug on some timeframes
Notes de version:
automatically detects the crypto / traditional market mode !
Notes de version:
bug fixed
Notes de version:
Update to v1.1
6 in 1 alert (1 per day per level IRL) / Rearranging the settings panel
Notes de version:
- Optimization of the calculation method, filter by convergence available, SL suggestion for frontrunning (DOM), "Wintertime" removed (now useless), "extend previous levels" options for confluence
Notes de version:
EL fix
Notes de version:
added the time zone of Moscou servers.
Notes de version:
Update to v1.5
integrates all timezones. No settings to be made -> definitive levels, + you can manually set the EL : display the liquidity of your choice!, + Some errors fix
Notes de version:
Update to v1.6
Added : trading tips ! a real guideline for daily scalping.
Notes de version:
bug fix
Notes de version:
bug fix
Notes de version:
👨‍🚀 left the room
Notes de version:
- Final version. Parameters optimized over several years of data! clusters of liquidity levels, stop loss on chart, killzone on chart, levels reinforced by trading advices : net PNL 🔥 & drawdown sortino ✅
Notes de version:
minor error fix( alert EQ killzone)

Most aggressive TradingView/MT4/MT5 trading setup on the market. Pure juice concentrated from SMC/ICT, divergences and PA!

Snipe the institutional levels! 🐋🏹
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