Custom Volume

Idea : Idea of script is getting the volume of index BNF and NIFTY50 ( as Tradingview don't provide the volume information of the indexes )
How it works : Script works on getting the weighted volume of underlying stocks and the plotting them by weight in volume
1. Can server as example how, once can plot the mixed volume of symbols
2. Will help the traders who consider volume also as decision making factor while trading BNF from tradingview chart
3. Can give volume information on any TF **in my knowledge only available for premium users

Important factor to note: Weight of stocks may change time to time depending on Exchange decision.
Notes de version: minor correction in overlay
Notes de version: added
1. weight as input
2. money flow indicator
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Could you please create custom volume code for NIFTY 50 also based on script weitage in index
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Could you please make

1)nifty 50 script ( based on script weitage) volume chart,
2) advancing stock weighted volume
3) declined stock weighted volume
Hi Thank you creating this it is very useful .. is there anyway to automatically update the script as the weights of stock in the index change?
daytraderph aashish2137
@aashish2137, thanks :) i m scared no way for now. we need to check the announcement for weight-age adjustments.
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aashish2137 daytraderph
@daytraderph, Thank you for your response. I used your script and updated it for May 2020 myself and added a VWAP line too. Thanks for making the code open :)
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krupeshpatel aashish2137
@aashish2137, could you please elaborate, how you added vwap line
aashish2137 krupeshpatel

volumePeriod = input(14, "VWAP Period")
priceValue = (high + low + close) / 3
priceVolume = priceValue * A
cumulativePriceVolume = sum(priceVolume, volumePeriod)
cumulativeVolume = sum(A, volumePeriod)
vwapValue = cumulativePriceVolume / cumulativeVolume

plot(series=vwapValue, title="VWAP BNF", style = line, color = black)
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krupeshpatel aashish2137
@aashish2137, thanks aashish,

Could you please prepare script for

1) nifty 50 volume data ( based on their weight in nifty 50)

2) nifty 50 - negative script total volume ( based on their waitage in nifty)

3) nifty 50 - positive script total volume ( based on their weight in nifty)
aashish2137 krupeshpatel
@krupeshpatel, I already have 1). What is the point of number 2 and 3?
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