Trading sessions, Ichimoku and Classic Pivots

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This a self contained intraday trading style for crypto/forex made to be on and traded on 15-min .
This Script Creates a box around each major session to a trading range, include highlights for the first 12 15-min candles, classic Pivot points and ichimoku cloud .


1 — Session boxes and ranges are based of the times from Steve from Beat the market maker, and you have the option in setting to have an extension for the high/low until the start of the next box calculation.

2 — 12 candle window, this marks the first 3 hours after a open;
The first hour - stop hunt
The second hour - big moves
The third hour - tend continuation or reversal

3 — The Days of the weeks are labelled and coloured;
Weekends are in grey, ideally no trade days.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday are green, to mark the week days
Wednesday is red to be mindful of mid week reversal
Friday is red to mark the end of week

4 — Ichimoku cloud , by default the only thing visible is the kumo cloud, but in setting you can turn the line back on. Ichimoku proves a great mark for areas to look for support and resistances.

5 — Lastly, you have classic pivots , by default they are extend to the right and on weekly, Each level act as support and resistance . Look for Bullish momentum at R3 for a larger moves to the upside.
Ichimoku and the pivot are here mainly for when you want to do higher time frame analysis.


Example of a trade
**Key thing to remember is London will set the high in a down trend and the low in an up trend
you can see the first hour look for stops and stopped at 50% of the range set coming into the session, the second hour a big move to the down side hitting 200% expansion then the third hour reversal stopping wick up then
back down from from London low. before continuing down.

 • LIMITATIONS: I have not test this on Stock, as I have a different strategies for those market
 • NOTES : I know a lot of people have moving averages on their chart, I have another separate one with all MA types, and it something that will not fit into one script, Other things you can add with this Bollinger bands , and
fib tool with 50%, 100%, 150% and 200%
Notes de version: █ Update
+ fixed the issue with changing time zone, message me if the problem persists with screen shot

+ Added in Range 50% or Equilibrium(EQ) to all session, it set off by default and has an independent bool input

+ Added in Daily Imbalance (IB) this is 0400-0500 the first hour of the new day (est) this has fill input

The script with only the new addition visible.
Default setting, notice it look the same as before, as most things are off by default
Notes de version: █ Update :
+ Gave the Daily IB a Box, defval, white
+ Adding in colour input to change the colour for pivot line and label pivots
+ still trying to locate the bug interaction that happens with the fill.
Notes de version: Fixed the isssue where Asia Extension where the not being changed.
Notes de version: Day light saving is now a bool options
as a result times are no longer customizable, unless done via editing code.
day light save now on by default.
Time is set correct so there is not need to mess with it other that to change from daylight saving off/on
Notes de version: localized time to EST, times are more consistent, removed 12 candle highlights going to make something new with it at some point.
Notes de version: greg wanted something added, ask him

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