Simple Moving Average Crossover

This strategy uses two moving averages of 21 and 8 to generate buy or sell signal.

This is for purely intraday trades and best use in 15 min time frame

This strategy uses angle/slope of ma to filter out period of sideways movement and only generate signals when the stock starts trending in one direction

How to use this

1) Buy when the buy is generated

2) Sell when the sell is generated

Properties you can tweak to adjust this strategy to your needs are

1) angle -> Adjust this properties to define how much slope would be considered to generate the signals, higher the values lesser the trades generated.

2) atr period-> this is to adjust the atr period

3) ma source -> close is considered as source , you can use open or high or low
Notes de version: Long means BUY
short means SELL
Notes de version: just updated
Script open-source

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what does long and short stand for?
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sixpathssenin sarisaiadi1234
@sarisaiadi1234, long means buy and short means sell
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sarisaiadi1234 sixpathssenin
@sixpathssenin, thank you so much! Amazing work!! I wish i got your talent! Keep it up!!
sixpathssenin sarisaiadi1234
@sarisaiadi1234, thank you for the kind words. well you've got talent I don't have, So Cheers!!!!
Magnum-Trading sarisaiadi1234
@sarisaiadi1234, Don't use this script to trade if you don't know what long and short is. This is serious advise.
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sixpathssenin ankitwarade023
@ankitwarade023, thanks bro
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Tnx , I have a question, what are red and green colors mean ?!
Hi, can i get some advise on what is meant by drawdown, equity, buy & hold, and absolute in this script?
sixpathssenin williamho8
@williamho8, Drawdown is the worst possible scenario this strategy can encounter (the lesser the better).
Equity is your cumulative profit over time.
Buy and hold is for comparison between your equity and the return you will get if you just bought the shares and leave it without trading.