ICT Session Opening FVG / Silver Bullet [MK]

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Students of ICT concepts will know that the first FVG found within particular session periods can identify an important price level for intraday traders.

"Find the first FVG at the start of the session and drag a box from it to the right"....ICT

The script finds the first FVG (either bull or bear) within the following periods:

London Killzone (0200 - 0500) EST
02:00 - 0259
03:00 - 0359
0400 - 0459

Dead Zone (05-00 - 0600) EST
05-00 - 0559
0600 - 0659

NY AM Killzone (0700 - 1100) EST
0700 - 0759
0830 - 0929
0929 - 0959
1000 - 1100 (Silver Bullet)

A chart higher timeframe can be chosen to detect the FVGs and they will be displayed on lower timeframe. Default is 5min for detection. I like to then following price reacting to 5mi FVGs on a 1 min chart.
FVG boxes can be extended to the end of the session, or to any time within the current days trading hours. Colors/Labels/ Session Periods can all be edited. A maximum timeframe for display is available and
timezone can be adjusted.

FVGs are only shown for the current days trading hours.
Notes de version:
Added NY PM Silver Bullet 1400 -1500
Notes de version:
Script re-write to enable the script to work in 'Replay Mode' and shows FVGs from previous days so it can be used for backtesting.
Also added 3 options so users can add extra custom sessions.
Users can choose to extend FVGs to a custom time in the future or simply to extend FVGs by a custom offset value.
Notes de version:
Fixed bug with FVG detection carrying onto next session if none found.
Added session start labels
Added option for chart timeframe to be used
Notes de version:
Fixed MTF FVG error. 5min FVGs now plot correctly on lower timefrmes
Notes de version:
Chart update
Notes de version:
Added option to display all FVGs within the session period rather than just the first one
Notes de version:
Fixed bug with 'all FVGs in session' displaying on higher timeframes than chosen in options.
Notes de version:
Fixed error in 0600 Dead Zone label
Notes de version:
Fixed Extra label issue
Notes de version:
Fixed issue with HTF FVGs duplicating on LTFs.
Added option to display custom FVG detection timeframe in FVG boxes.
Notes de version:
Attempt to fix issue when displaying 5min FVGs on 1min TF. Published so user who identified the issue can check.
Notes de version:
Options added to allow each session the choice of 'All FVGs within session' or 'First FVG in session'.
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