BEAM DCA Strategy Monthly

This strategy is based on BEAM bands for BTC. The space between the original BEAM bands is broken up into 10 bands representing levels of risk for investing fresh capital.

The strategy will buy bitcoin when the price is in the bottom 5 bands, increasing the amount investmented as the price approaches the 1400 D SMA.

The strategy will limit sell bitcoin when the price is in the top 5 bands, increasing the amount sold as the price approaches the upper BEAM band.

Best used on Daily timeframe and on a chart with history of price data, i.e. INDEX:BTCUSD or BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

To use the strategy:
  • Set start date
  • Set day of month to invest
  • Set the maximum amount to be invested on any given month
  • Toggle buy/sell orders
  • Observe the backtest

You can see how the strategy backtests via the information boxes in the bottom right.

There is also functionality to adjust the bands for diminishing returns. Note, this should be used with great skepticism, as the adjustments were made by simple function fitting and not rigorous statistical processes.

That about sums it up! As you can see, even with just a small amount of capital invested at regular intervals can lead to huge realised gains using this version of BEAM bands!

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