Aarika RSI

Hello traders, purpose of creating this indicator is simply trying to analyse the trend of any symbol.
This indicator can be used on any script like Indices, Stocks, Future, Currency & Crypto.

This RSI version is much simpler to identify the trend of the script than that of traditional RSI trendline. Rather than showing a line, this RSI indicates bars for better and clear visibility of RSI levels.

This is a modified version of © ParkF. I have modified it to simplest possible manner.

How to trade:
RSI level 80, I consider this as extreme-bought which means high chance if bear market from this point on any given timeframe. Whereas 20 is considered as extreme-sold and have a chance to go higher from the current level.

I recommend you to study this RSI before putting it into practice.
Always start with small target and then go for big one by trailing your profit. This is not a Holy Grail indicator which always gives profit but if you practice this indicator with consistency, your portfolio may give good returns.

Use proper money management for any trade. Go for paper trade and observe how this indicator behaves and once satisfied then only take real trade.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you study this indicator on different timeframes because inserted set of data may act differently on different scripts and may vary from timeframe to timeframe.
We advice you to use this indicator for trend-analysis and study purpose only. Author/publisher of this indicator is not responsible for your profit or loss if you use this indicator for trading purpose one way or another.

N.B.: We do not recommend using HeikinAshi charting for this particular indicator as the data inputs may behave differently than expected. If you have any query, you may comment below.
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