RedK TrendBeads: 3 x MA Crossover Signal with Preset Templates

RedK TrendBeads is a super simple 3 x Moving Average Crossover Signal (Long/Short/Break) script that provides a simple and effective way for traders to identify potential trading opportunities. By combining three moving averages and only exposing a simple signal, the script helps filter out noise and focus on the trend and the trade execution.

A 3 x Moving Average Crossover strategy is a popular trading method in technical analysis . It uses the relationship between a fast, medium, and slow moving averages to generate buy or sell signals.

The approach usually utilizes three moving averages to track the average price of a financial instrument over different time periods. By comparing the fast, medium, and slow moving averages, we can generates a signal to trade long or short

If the fast moving average crosses above the medium moving average and the medium moving average is above the slow moving average, we have a probability of an up-trend forming, and we generate a signal to go long. Conversely, if the fast moving average crosses below the medium moving average and the medium moving average is below the slow moving average, we have a probability of a down-trend forming, and we generate a signal to go short. When the moving averages are not in the right order (above or below each other), we have a trend break, usually on consolidation or base forming.

in TrendBeads, the fastest MA is called "Price Proxy MA" and will be used with a relatively short length to represent the price itself - then there are the Fast MA, Slow MA and a Filter MA (usually with the longest/slowest length) which is the main line that will be used to plot the TrendBeads - So the TrendBeads will represent the state of the other 3 Moving Average lines (Proxy, Fast and Slow) and how they are aligned - and it will also be common to use the Filter / Beads line itself as a main filter, i.e., take long positions *only* when the price action is above the Filter MA, and short positions *only* when the price is below the Filter MA.

So what is different with TrendBeads:

Simplicity, No Clutter: I put this together to provide a super simple mechanism to track trend on the price chart without so much noise as i also wanted to have other top-chart indicators (like LadderTrader) - so TrendBeads only shows the "beads" on the chart - they act like "traffic lights" with little distracting information - Simplicity here was deliberately part if the idea

Presets, What others are Watching: The other feature I needed was the ability to track price action against "different sets" of Moving Averages quickly - for example, when executing short-term trades, I needed to use Moving Averages with shorter length and want to utilize my RSS_WMA MA type - but when assessing big breakout opportunities, I need to analyze price action against a different set of MA's with (usually) longer length and mainly SMA's (hint, The Minervini template) - This is where the built-in Preset Templates become very useful.

Having these preset templates quickly available (thru the dropdown in indicator settings) provides time saving, convenience and the confidence that we're looking at what other traders are using in their analysis - so not missing out on key-level breakouts or reversals

TrendBeads v1.0 includes the following 5 preset MA templates

Preset 1 : RedK_1: 8RSS / 15RSS / 21RSS / 30SMA
Preset 2 : RedK_2: 5WMA / 10SMA / 20SMA / 40SMA
Preset 3 : SWNG_1: 7EMA / 21EMA / 30EMA / 50SMA
Preset 4 : SWNG_2: 10EMA / 21EMA / 50SMA / 100SMA
Preset 5 : SWNG_3: 10EMA / 21EMA / 100SMA / 200SMA

The above presets represent some of the most common sets of MA's traders use in various scenarios (Short-term/day trading, Swing, Long term / growth). Well, except for the first one since it utilizes my own RSS_WMA :) which I use in many charts

I may add some more presets in future.

below chart shows an example of different presets against AAPL for the same time range / window

There's also the ability to manually set different MA source price, MA type and length for each of the 4 MA lines. Supported MA types are SMA , EMA , WMA , HMA and my RSS_WMA

TrendBeads Usage Tips:
*If you have used any MA crossover (2 lines or 3 lines) on your chart, your should find TradeBeads very easy to use. TrendBeads works the same way except that the signal will show as colored beads on the Filter MA line instead of showing multiple crossing lines .. and that is by design.

* Feel free to expose any or all of the individual MA lines - for example, i find that exposing the Proxy Line helps in quickly finding famous chart patterns ( cup & handle , H&S ..etc)

* Experiment with the different presets depending on the type of trade you're working on (swing, long term growth candidates, day trades..etc)

* Note that in a long trend up (Aqua Beads), usually the first gray + orange sequence will usually act as a "reversal sign" - and are usually not actionable - always look for the "second" color sequence to action/trade .. Same thing for a long trend down -- get used to how the beads change color against the trend changes and play with various timeframes.

* As usual - we should have other indicators that track strength, volume , etc and ensure proper confirmation before trade execution - A good signal is only a small part of a trade - risk management and good trade execution are key to winning.

Hope some fellow traders will find this useful - feel free to leave me any comments or feedback - Good luck!
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