Rain On Me PRO 3/3

This is the part 3 of Rain On Me PRO. It follow my two other indicators "Rain On Me" and "Rain On Me V2". This version is called "PRO" because it is less "user-friendly" than the two previous versions. But it is more faster, and cleaner than ever!
This indicator is separated into 3 parts. You can find all parts into my profile in the « Scripts » section. Once the 3 parts together, the indicator is complete.

Here are the features for this part:

-MTF Fibonacci on 10 levels with level 0 in the middle and an "info panel" to indicate you the key levels. You can set an alert for each level cross.
-MTF High/Low (Red dots is last low and green dots is last high).
-Ichimoku Cloud with baseline (red) and alerts (SenkouA and SenkouB Cross or Tenkan and Kijun Cross).

Everything is fully customizable in settings.

To place an alert, always choose the "Once per bar" option.

Many functions are still to come. So don't hesitate to report bugs, suggestions and follow me to always be kept informed of the next updates to come!

Thank again everyone for your support!


Good trade everyone! And remember, money management is the most important!
Notes de version: -High/Low Resolution set to "Week" by default.
Notes de version: -Minor Improvement.
Notes de version: Removed Ichimoku alerts cause it was not accurate enough.
Notes de version: -Minor Improvement.
Notes de version: -Bug fix.
Notes de version: -Code Cleaning.
-Ichimoku alerts are back with a more accurate algorithm.
Notes de version: -Bug fix.
Notes de version: -Added alerts "Buy and Sell" for Bollinger.
Notes de version: -High/Low resolution is now set to "Month" by default.
Notes de version: -"Hi-Low" Resolution changed to day by default.
Notes de version: -Added "Standard Deviation Forecasting" (SD1) option on chart based on volatility that will help you to find expected move easily. Work like my "Standard Deviation Volatility Helper" indicator instead it include an forecasting option. It activated by default.
Notes de version: -Added Standard Deviation Parkison option.
-Standard Deviation Forecasting is now deactivated by default.
Notes de version: -Minor improvements.
Notes de version: -Forecasting in Standard Deviation is now optional.
Notes de version: -Added a checkbox in settings that allow you to hide or show Fibonacci. Fibonacci stay checked by default.
Notes de version: -Minor improvement.
Notes de version: -Minor improvement.
Notes de version: -Improved Standard Deviation with ATR Smoothing or MA's Smoothing based (optional).
-"Standard Deviation Parkison" was removed cause it was not enough accurate.
-Standard Deviation Period is now set to 20 by default.
-Code improvements.
Notes de version: -High:Low is now in Rain On Me PRO 2/3 and "Trend Line" is now in this part.
Notes de version: -Removed Trend Line cause it need some improvements.
Notes de version: -Minor improvements.
Notes de version: -Removed "Bollinger" cause "Standard Deviation" do the same job and better.
Notes de version: -Added alert for any key fib level cross.
Notes de version: -Code cleaning and minor improvements.
Notes de version: -Minor improvement.
Notes de version: -Minor improvement.
Notes de version: -Minor improvements and code cleaning.
Notes de version: -Minor improvements.
Script open-source

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Hi, i want to use it but it shows an error: Pine Cannot determine the referencing length of a series. Try using max_bars_back in the study or strategy.
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s1lv3rc3ll criztian.torr3s
@criztian.torr3s, I get the same thing
RickSimpson s1lv3rc3ll
Hi @s1lv3rc3ll, @criztian.torr3s, It seem working well for me this morning. Maybe TV was again making some modification to their servers. If you encounter the problem again don’t hesitate to tell me
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s1lv3rc3ll RickSimpson
@RickSimpson, YYUUUSSS!!!!!!!!

It's working again !!!!!!!!!! I love you hahahahahaaa
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hi there
how ı can use only your fibonacci
thanks for your help
hava good day
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RickSimpson zeynel4748
@zeynel4748, Hello ! You can uncheck "Show High/Low" and "Show Ichimoku" in the settings.
zeynel4748 RickSimpson
thanks for ansvering
have a good day master
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I like not user friendly stuff
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Très prolifique... Je ne vais pas pouvoir tout tester tout de suite. Bravo !! Bon boulot en tout cas.
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@Bazard, Merci à toi 🙏