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1. Select the type of contract (call or put), the long strike, and the width.
2. Select the volatility model
3. The standard deviation is shown, enter it into the input.

The tool gives a theoretical price of a vertical spread, based on a
historical sample. The test assumes that a spread of equal width was sold on
every prior trading day at the given standard deviation, based on the
volatility model and duration of the contract. For example, if the 20 dte
110 strike is presently two standard deviations based on the 30 period
historical volatility , then the theoretical value is the average price all
2SD (at 20 dte ) calls upon expiration, limited by the width of the spread and
normalized according to the present value of the underlying.

Other statistics include:
- The number of spreads in the sample, and percentage expired itm
- The median value at expiration
- The Nth percentile value of spreads at expiration
- The number of spreads that expired at max loss

Check the script comments and release notes for further updates, since Tradingview doesn't allow me to edit this description.
Notes de version:
bug fix -- was using the wrong array for theo vals. should be working now.
Notes de version:
Minor documentation changes.
Notes de version:
- added far strike to description cell in the table
- set past forecast plot to be visible by default, since it doesn't clutter the view too much
Notes de version:
fix lines, they should project the latest forecast for the proper number of bars now
Notes de version:
- annualize with 252, rather than 365 periods

Note: this script is meant for the daily chart
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