Pro Supertrend Calculator

This indicator is an adapted version of Julien_Eche's 'Pro Momentum Calculator' tailored specifically for TradingView's 'Supertrend indicator'.

The "Pro Supertrend Calculator" indicator has been developed to provide traders with a data-driven perspective on price movements in financial markets. Its primary objective is to analyze historical price data and make probabilistic predictions about the future direction of price movements, specifically in terms of whether the next candlestick will be bullish (green) or bearish (red). Here's a deeper technical insight into how it accomplishes this task:

1. Supertrend Computation:
The indicator initiates by computing the Supertrend indicator, a sophisticated technical analysis tool. This calculation involves two essential parameters:
- ATR Length (Average True Range Length): This parameter determines the sensitivity of the Supertrend to price fluctuations.
- Factor: This multiplier plays a pivotal role in establishing the distance between the Supertrend line and prevailing market prices. A higher factor value results in a more significant separation.

2. Supertrend Visualization:
The Supertrend values derived from the calculation are meticulously plotted on the price chart, manifesting as two distinct lines:
- Green Line: This line represents the Supertrend when it indicates a bullish trend, signifying an anticipation of rising prices.
- Red Line: This line signifies the Supertrend in bearish market conditions, indicating an expectation of falling prices.

3. Consecutive Candle Analysis:
- The core function of the indicator revolves around tracking successive candlestick patterns concerning their relationship with the Supertrend line.
- To be included in the analysis, a candlestick must consistently close either above (green candles) or below (red candles) the Supertrend line for multiple consecutive periods.

4.Labeling and Enumeration:
- To communicate the count of consecutive candles displaying uniform trend behavior, the indicator meticulously applies labels to the price chart.
- The positioning of these labels varies based on the direction of the trend, residing either below (for bullish patterns) or above (for bearish patterns) the candlestick.
- The color scheme employed aligns with the color of the candle, using green labels for bullish candles and red labels for bearish ones.

5. Tabular Data Presentation:
- The indicator augments its graphical analysis with a customizable table prominently displayed on the chart. This table delivers comprehensive statistical insights.
- The tabular data comprises the following key elements for each consecutive period:
a. Consecutive Candles: A tally of the number of consecutive candles displaying identical trend characteristics.
b. Candles Above Supertrend: A count of candles that remained above the Supertrend during the sequential period.
3. Candles Below Supertrend: A count of candles that remained below the Supertrend during the sequential period.
4. Upcoming Green Candle: An estimation of the probability that the next candlestick will be bullish, grounded in historical data.
5. Upcoming Red Candle: An estimation of the probability that the next candlestick will be bearish, based on historical data.

6. Tailored Configuration:
To accommodate diverse trading strategies and preferences, the indicator offers extensive customization options. Traders can fine-tune parameters such as ATR length, factor, label and table placement, and table size to align with their unique trading approaches.

In summation, the "Pro Supertrend Calculator" indicator is an intricately designed tool that leverages the Supertrend indicator in conjunction with historical price data to furnish traders with an informed outlook on potential future price dynamics, with a particular emphasis on the likelihood of specific bullish or bearish candlestick patterns stemming from consecutive price behavior.

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