AI SuperTrend - Strategy [presentTrading]

█ Introduction and How it is Different

The AI Supertrend Strategy is a unique hybrid approach that employs both traditional technical indicators and machine learning techniques. Unlike standard strategies that rely solely on traditional indicators or mathematical models, this strategy integrates the power of k-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), a machine learning algorithm, with the tried-and-true SuperTrend indicator. This blend aims to provide traders with more accurate, responsive, and context-aware trading signals.
*The KNN part is mainly referred from @Zeiierman.

BTCUSD 8hr performance

ETHUSD 8hr performance

█ Strategy, How it Works: Detailed Explanation

  1. SuperTrend Calculation

    Volume-Weighted Moving Average (VWMA): A VWMA of the close price is calculated based on the user-defined length (len). This serves as the central line around which the upper and lower bands are calculated.
    Average True Range (ATR): ATR is calculated over a period defined by len. It measures the market's volatility.
    Upper and Lower Bands: The upper band is calculated as VWMA + (factor * ATR) and the lower band as VWMA - (factor * ATR). The factor is a user-defined multiplier that decides how wide the bands should be.

  2. KNN Algorithm

    Data Collection: An array (data) is populated with recent n SuperTrend values. Corresponding labels (labels) are determined by whether the weighted moving average price (price) is greater than the weighted moving average of the SuperTrend (sT).
    Distance Calculation: The absolute distance between each data point and the current SuperTrend value is calculated.
    Sorting & Weighting: The distances are sorted in ascending order, and the closest k points are selected. Each point is weighted by the inverse of its distance to the current point.
    Classification: A weighted sum of the labels of the k closest points is calculated. If the sum is closer to 1, the trend is predicted as bullish; if closer to 0, bearish.

  3. Signal Generation

    Start of Trend: A new bullish trend (Start_TrendUp) is considered to have started if the current trend color is bullish and the previous was not bullish. Similarly for bearish trends (Start_TrendDn).
    Trend Continuation: A bullish trend (TrendUp) is considered to be continuing if the direction is negative and the KNN prediction is 1. Similarly for bearish trends (TrendDn).

  4. Trading Logic

    Long Condition: If Start_TrendUp or TrendUp is true, a long position is entered.
    Short Condition: If Start_TrendDn or TrendDn is true, a short position is entered.
    Exit Condition: Dynamic trailing stops are used for exits. If the trend does not continue as indicated by the KNN prediction and SuperTrend direction, an exit signal is generated.

The synergy between SuperTrend and KNN aims to filter out noise and produce more reliable trading signals. While SuperTrend provides a broad sense of the market direction, KNN refines this by predicting short-term price movements, leading to a more nuanced trading strategy.

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█ Trade Direction

The strategy allows traders to choose between taking only long positions, only short positions, or both. This is particularly useful for adapting to different market conditions.

█ Usage

ToolTips: Explains what each parameter does and how to adjust them.
Inputs: Customize values like the number of neighbors in KNN, ATR multiplier, and moving average type.
Plotting: Visual cues on the chart to indicate bullish or bearish trends.
Order Execution: Based on the generated signals, the strategy will execute buy/sell orders.

█ Default Settings

The default settings are selected to provide a balanced approach, but they can be modified for different trading styles and asset classes.

Initial Capital: $10,000
Default Quantity Type: 10% of equity
Commission: 0.1%
Slippage: 1
Currency: USD

By combining both machine learning and traditional technical analysis, this strategy offers a sophisticated and adaptive trading solution.

Watch patiently/ then trade
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