50% body candle

Easy script to find candles which body is less than 50% of candle range.
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//Colors candles with body less than 50% of range of candle
study(title = "<50% body candle", overlay = true)

candr = high-low
bodyr = open-close

borat = (bodyr*100/candr)

barcolor (borat>-50 and borat <50 ? white : na)


please can you send me download link of this scrip.
+19 Répondre
Do you have this for MT4 by any chance?
+13 Répondre
Doesn't' work
+5 Répondre
@ikeel, you don't know how to trade lol
+3 Répondre
arunagirish03 mjunited9
@mjunited9, nice idea.... this strategy is finding 50% body candle at resistance/support which not broken with high volume and follow the trend from there to support/resistance,,,,is it right,,,
can you confirm me if iam not wrong... I am interested to try this ….. thank you by advance
+6 Répondre
I do not know how to transfer it to indicator, pls help me
+1 Répondre
thank sir we easy to understand what happening on charts in balance between buyer and seller great
+1 Répondre
Please can this be used in MT5 mobile? And how?
Many thanks.
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