Astro: Planetary Speed

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Planetary speed refers to the rate at which a planet moves along its orbit around the Sun. The speed of a planet can vary depending on its distance from the Sun, and is generally fastest at the point in its orbit where it is closest to the Sun (perihelion) and slowest at the point where it is farthest from the Sun (aphelion).
The significance of planetary speeds lies in their astrological interpretation. In astrology, the speed of a planet is thought to influence its energy and influence earthly affairs. Fast-moving planets, such as Mercury and Venus, are believed to have a more immediate and fleeting influence, while slower-moving planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, are thought to have a more long-lasting and significant impact.
Astrologers use the speed of the planets, along with their positions, aspects, and other factors, to interpret their influence. By understanding the energy and symbolism associated with each planet, astrologers can provide insight and guidance to individuals seeking a greater understanding.
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