To apply your indicator with screener , please modify the section which i mention "Start your indicator pine script" & "End your indicator pine script"

  • At the pinescript section you will able to change the ticket symbol.
  • I only able to show screener result with 10 item in 1 times. To view more result, please go to setting and change stock list "1-10">"11,20">"21-30".....
  • Able to screener 100 items with this indicator.
  • Kindly change the exchange and stock in the pinescript according your watchlist.

As examples, my indicator is to determine the stock in which trend, i want to find out all stock with aqua color trend
The screener result show only 9 of 10 are in aqua color trend.
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I can't test your indicator
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@dos32101, did u modify the exchange and stockname?
Hi, I tried modifying the exchange and stock names, but it is throwing invalid symbol error. I even tried with your original code on the exchanges and symbols in your code, still it shows invalid symbol error. Can you please help me with this
this is really nice work, thanks.
Hi, can i know more on your indicator?

do you have telegram?
Hi there,

it is my first time using a screener, and I am not sure to understand how to use yours. Would you have a quick explanation to actually how to use it properly ?

Al final no me aclaro
Nice stuff!!

Gr, JD.
Super super super smart way for a script to manage more than 10 stocks
I never thought of putting inputs into if else conditions like this
Well done
hi, why there is no plot script for ema???
same with the other function...
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