Minervini Stage 2 Analysis

Handbook for Minervini Stage 2 Analysis Indicator

This handbook provides detailed instructions and guidelines for using the Minervini Stage 2 Analysis Indicator based on Mark Minervini's swing trading methodology. This indicator is designed for traders focusing on US stocks, aiming to capture gains in medium to short-term uptrends (swing trading).

Understanding Stage 2

Stage 2 represents a bullish uptrend in a stock's price. Mark Minervini emphasizes entering long positions during this phase. The stage is identified using four key criteria related to moving averages (MAs).

Indicator Criteria

Stock Price Above MA 150 and 200: Indicates an overall uptrend.
MA 150 Above MA 200: Signals a stronger medium-term trend compared to the long-term trend.
MA 200 Trending Up for At Least 1 Month (22 Days): Confirms a stable uptrend.
MA 50 Above Both MA 150 and 200: Shows short-term strength and momentum.

Using the Indicator

Entering Trades: Consider long positions when all four criteria are met. This signifies that the stock is in a Stage 2 uptrend.
Monitoring Trades: Regularly check if the stock continues to meet these criteria. The indicator provides a clear visual and textual representation for ease of monitoring.

Alarm Signals and Exit Strategy

One Criterion Not Met: This serves as an alarm signal. Increased vigilance is required, and traders should prepare for a potential exit.
Two Criteria Not Met: Strong indication to close the trade. This suggests the stock may be transitioning out of Stage 2, increasing the risk of holding the position.

Risk Management

Stop-Loss Orders: Consider setting a trailing stop-loss to protect profits and minimize losses.
Position Sizing: Adjust position sizes according to your risk tolerance and portfolio strategy.
Volume and Relative Strength Analysis
Volume Analysis: Look for increased trading volume as confirmation when the stock price moves above key MAs.
Relative Strength (RS) Rating: Compare the stock's performance to the broader market to gauge its strength.

Limitations and Considerations

Market Conditions: The indicator's effectiveness may vary with market conditions. It is more reliable in a bullish market environment.
Supplementary Analysis: Combine this indicator with other analysis methods (fundamental, technical) for a holistic approach.
Continuous Learning: Stay updated with market trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.
The Minervini Stage 2 Analysis Indicator is a powerful tool for identifying potential long positions in uptrending stocks. Its reliance on specific criteria aligns with Mark Minervini's proven swing trading strategy. However, always exercise due diligence and risk management in your trading decisions.

Combing the BEST of two WORLD's: Cathie Wood & Mark Minervini
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