Astro: Solar System

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A bird's eye view model of the solar system is a simplified representation of our planetary system as seen from above. It can be thought of as a two-dimensional map of the solar system, in which the planets are shown in their approximate heliocentric longitudinal positions relative to the Sun and each other.

In this model, the Sun is shown as a large, central emoji, with the planets arranged in orbits around it. The inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars - are located close to the Sun and inside the asteroid belt, while the outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto- are located farther out.

In a bird's eye view model, some of the details of the solar system are necessarily left out or simplified. For example, the distances between the planets are not to scale, and the orbits are shown as perfect circles rather than the elliptical shapes they actually are. Nonetheless, this model can provide a useful visual real-time representation of the relative heliocentric longitudinal positions (aspects) of the planets in our solar system.

🏅 Shoutout to @LuxAlgo for the circle code!
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Update: minor GUI/settings changes
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