Crypto Long only Strategy 3h+ timeframe

Today I bring another crypto strategy that works greatly with pairs like BTCEUR , ETHEUR , for 3h+ time frames.

Its a risky strategy because we have a hard stop loss of 25% of our capital which can be modified.

The idea behind its simple, we have a candle which is made from open+high+low+close / 4 , and we make the decision based on this one.

We only go long with this strategy .

For entry: if we have 5 ascending candles we enter, and we exit when we have 4 descending candles.

For this example, I used 100% of the initial capital(1000 EUR/USD ), with a commission of 0.1% per each deal.
At the same time, the max capital that can be lost in a trade is going to be the equity risk, in this example 25% .

Overall we can see that's more or less around the same level as buy and hold strategy
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