Finns Trading Algorithm Alerts

Hello there,

I have developed a Microprofit Script for Tradingview and would like to introduce you to it.

First of all some keypoints to it:
-It uses Gunbot
-Many Microtrades on a bullish market
-Even make Profit on Sideway & wavy downtrends
-Double up to infinity
-Controlled downtrend averaging
-Visualizer available allowing visible emulation of the Script & Gunbot trading together.
-More Features & Optimization still to come!

Notes de version: removed Buy and Sell tag from Plotshapes to avoid confusion when setting up an alert
Notes de version: Implemented a method for better and faster averaging. Thus again reducing the duration of bags dramatically.
Implemented option to not plot anything as one user had crashes otherwise.
Notes de version: Pump-Detection Buys are now one bar later and they are displayed different to the other buys now.
Implemented choice to choose what max % difference from the current value to the last opening is allowed for triggering pump buys.
HOWEVER: I have backtested some bags of the near past and not limiting the pump buys has shown to maybe make the bags sometimes a little bit bigger but actually lower the AVG bought value of that bag, which means they sell faster and buy more aggressively.
Notes de version: 2 Huge Changes
Implemented Trendbuys: An aggressive buy mode on a clear uptrend
Implemented A buylock: Buys on top are mostly gone now, thus bags are
Notes de version: Double Average-down pumps for bettter bag handling (Warning: Buys are more frequent and bags become heavier but have a high chance to sell earlier)
Better sells -> If you want a safe bag handling turn off pyramid
Notes de version: Halloween update!
Complete refinement of Several Buys and all Sells!
More trades, less bags, more microprofits
Notes de version: minor correction
Notes de version: Removed Nightmode, which was displaying different colours when active as it caused Bugs for some users sometimes.
Notes de version: Changelogs:
Introduction of Trendwatcher:
Stop bad buys
Buy into a Trend timeframe
Trend sells with higher accuracy at the end of a local trend
Notes de version: Implemented Awesome Oscillator smart buy-stops:
Avoid getting bagged up most of the time now in the first place
Don't buy when whales play narrow pingpong or in consolidation phases

->Bag handling a lot better according to backtesting
Notes de version: The script now uses 3 Minute HeikinAshi data regardless of what it is applied on for calculations.
->See where it really buys
->Set it on 1 Minute on close to avoid false triggers
Notes de version: Changes:
  • Added a new sell mechanism based on TSSL to wait out trends until the end
  • Added a new buy mechanism
  • Added 2 buy prohibiting mechanisms based on MA to prevent buys when the direction becomes unclear and prevent buying when a price goes flat. 2 Examples where whole areas of messy buys are wiped out: Ex1 and Ex2
  • Fixed a few values
  • Prevent Sell signal spamming by only sending signals when Sell signal is higher than last buy price
Notes de version:
  • Implemented a mechanic to stop buys on downhill rides
  • Implemented a mechanic to stop some top buys
  • Implemented a new sell method based on a custom RSI trailing stop.
  • Smart switching between sellmodes
Notes de version:
  • Got rid of one bad buy mechanism
  • Extended Sell mechanism palette to get crucial sells
  • Added new mechanism to stop top buys
  • tweaked a few variables during backtesting
The effect of these changes has dramatically reduced bag production. The script now rarely produces bags and is safer to use on higher volume, as buys are way more certain profits
Script sur invitation seulement

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