CONCEPT: Produce consistently profitable trading results

KNOWNS: Candle closes, Targets, High volume time periods

HYPOTHESIS: Upon the print of a "color bar", buy above, sell below, aim for a target, analyze every candle to determine continuation or reversal status and probabilities.

OUTCOME: There are four possible outcomes listed by assumed preference here: 1.) Make money and learn self discipline 2.) Make money and not learn self discipline 3.) Not make money and learn self discipline 4.) Not make money and not learn self discipline

Please dearly beloved also remember that there are much more important aspects to this existence than the acquisition of material sustenance and fortification. What we leave behind is not etched into stone nor our bank accounts, but into the lives of others. I commend those who choose to invest their energy into the pursuit of love and peace in every way that they find. Big or small, losing in trading or winning, it is most important to remain a peaceful individual.

The best way I have found to help others is by living my own life in the way I would wish them to know. The is power in your purpose and what you regard your own self to be capable of.

I respect you for li zen ing to my opinion and thoughts. Please be free and love thy neighbor as thyself, I give very little instruction regarding other matters.

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