Fuzzy Fib Counts

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A new approach to trend/time analysis. This indicator counts up/down price moves using fuzzy logic in two time frames. Counts reaching Fibonacci numbers are often significant to trend momentum: either reversal or stronger continuation. See the script’s beginning comments for details.

I’m amazed with DeMark and all his indicators. But after coding a TD_Sequential script, I began to wonder if there wasn’t an easier way to identify high probability entry/exit points without all the intricate logic. It took awhile, but a different paradigm eventually came into focus: Fuzzy Fib Counts (FFC).

FFC is like “analog” compared to TD_Sequential’s “digital” approach. And FFC is much simpler: no buy/sell/perfected/deferred signals, just up/down counts. It’s uncanny how often a trend is refocused at Fibonacci numbers, but like TD_Sequential… it’s not perfect! As with all indicators, consult your intuition, before pulling the trigger.

The default values have been effective for me in Bitcoin (and I’m surprised how well it works in smaller time frames). However, for less volatile markets, you may need to reduce the fuzz level and/or adjust the filter (averaging) parameters.

FFC has been helpful to me. Hope it helps you too! If so, donations appreciated… Thanks!

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Notes de version:
Same behavior as before...
TradingView changed something in the Pine scripting language that prevented the old code from working. Altered the logic in the filter function to get it working again.
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