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█ MY Aggregated Volume BTC DERIVATIVES
This indicator shows a panel to display the Bitcoin Trading Volume of different exchanges. A lot of traders follow the default volume indicator provided by tradingview. This default indicator shows the volume for the current ticker (example BTCUSD:BITSTAMP), but each exchange has its own volume .
In a matter of visibility and accessibility, I've decided to aggregate the volume of almost all the Bitcoin exchanges (tickers) in tradingview.
This indicator helps identifying decreasing volume , where the volume comes from (spot or derivatives). A decreasing DERIVATIVES volume isn't a good sign as it shows a decrease in the buying pressure.

The panel has 1 main configuration : Display mode, showing Aggregated (all exchanges in one bar) or Difference (Stacked bar)
The other configuration Legend Item Gap and Legend X Gap is for when the difference mode is selected. It affects the position of the legend. Some might have smaller screens, bigger screens, viewport zoomed in etc.

Due to the number of exchanges, and pinescript limitations, I had to split the volume in 2 indicators, the SPOT volume , and the DERIVATIVES volume . The script in this page is specific to the DERIVATIVES volume . For the SPOT, please refer to my other available script.

Exchange list :
Script open-source

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