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This is my quality of life indicator for forex trading using the methods and concepts of ICT.
The idea is to automate marking up important price levels and times of the day instead of doing it manually every day.

  • Marks the most volatile times of the day on the chart, during which the intraday high/low usually takes place.
  • Particularly impactful when there's news released during these times.
  • London Open (02:00-05:00 EST)
  • New York Open (08:30-11:00 EST)
  • London Close (10:00-11:30 EST)

True Day delineation
  • Vertical line at the start of the "true day" (00:00 EST), start of the algorithmic trading day and aids in visualizing the intraday direction.

New York midnight price level
  • Noteworthy price level at the start of the "true day".
  • This price level is referenced by the interbank trading algorithms during the day. Buy below it on bullish days, sell above it on bearish days.

Daily open price level
  • Reference level for optimal trade entries. Buy below it on bullish days, sell above it on bearish days.

Central Banks Dealers Range (CBDR) (14:00-20:00 EST) &
Central Banks Dealers Flout (CBDF) (15:00-24:00 EST) &
Asian Range (AR) (20:00-24:00 EST)
  • The standard deviation lines available are used to make predictions for short-term future highs/lows when the CBDR and AR are smaller than 40 pips.
  • Trade them by looking for 5/15min key levels that converge with the projection levels.

X days Average Daily Range (ADR)
  • Default to 5 days back, gives an idea of how much movement to expect intraday when the ADR high/low is converging with CBDR/CBDF/AR standard deviations.

Current Daily Range (CDR)
  • Used for comparison against the ADR to help determine if there's enough intraday range left to enter a trade.
  • Dynamically changes color based on percentage of the ADR. Green below 50% of ADR, orange between 50 and 100%, red when CDR exceeds ADR.

    All of the above are used in conjunction with each other and higher timeframe levels of importance to find entries and target.

    Note: Preferably use New York's time zone for your charts.
Notes de version:
Added Asian Killzone
Notes de version:
Added weekday labels
Notes de version:
Forgot the code that made toggling weekday labels on and off work.
Notes de version:
Added customization options for the stats box
Notes de version:
Added GMT Midnight open price line
Fixed a settings bug
Notes de version:
Added 4am open price line (experimental)
Added price level labels
Notes de version:
Added some options:
  • Use bodies or wicks for the ranges.
  • Timeframe on which the ranges are measured.
  • Customizable start and end times for the ranges.
Notes de version:
Added customizable number of std. deviations.
Notes de version:
Fixed a weekday display bug when using unorthodox exchanges' data feeds.
Also added an offset option to move the text horizontally to get it in a nice spot when it's misaligned due to the exchange used.
Notes de version:
  • Changed default killzone times for NY open and London close.
  • Added optional "trueday" deliniation for sundays.
  • Added standard deviation projection line width option.
Notes de version:
Reverted a couple of things meant for testing purposes that got published (killzone vertical shift and dynamic CBDR box border color).
Notes de version:
Updated the indicator chart image to better reflect the current version.
Notes de version:
Redesigned killzone indicators with optional text labels.
Notes de version:
  • Text label related killzone option bug fix.
  • Added option to use the old visual style of killzones.
Notes de version:
Chart timeframe related asian range standard deviation calculation bug fix
Notes de version:
Added PDH and PDL Levels.
Notes de version:
Changed a tooltip.
Notes de version:
  • Added PMH and PML levels.
Notes de version:
  • Added New York Lunch to killzones (off by default)
Notes de version:
  • Fixed NY Lunch history lines/boxes not being removed when history is toggled off.
Notes de version:
  • Changed PDH/PDL Lines to the previous true day h/l instead of the previous daily candle's h/l.
  • PDH/PDL Lines now start at the actual high and low.
Notes de version:
  • Added automatic timezone option (sets the indicator's timezone automatically to New York).
Notes de version:
  • Fixed asian open killzone box dynamic text color bug.
Notes de version:
  • Fixed PML/PMH line positioning bug that could occur under certain circumstances.
Notes de version:
  • gmt open time correction.
Notes de version:
Build 1457
  • Added Y-offset option for killzone boxes/lines (higher value = closer to price)
Notes de version:
Increased Killzone size limit for better visibility on certain tickers.

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