Time Machine

This script is designed to display future and current time resistance levels based on multiple techniques such as candle behaviors and count and some significant financial times according to Gann and more.
Each chart consists of an X-Axis ( time ) and a Y-Axis ( price ). Price can travel up and down giving you both support and resistance levels, on the other hand, time only travels forward which is why they are called time resistance levels.
Time resistance happens at multiple significant places. Have you noticed that when a triangle breaks north or south that the tip of the triangle acts as time resistance level where something happens ? Many patterns and techniques are designed
to detect and these levels through patters, candle behavior and more. This script aims to assist in detecting these levels ahead of time or at candle opens. This is a very important point. A signal of time resistance can be displayed at candle open
or ahead of time. both of these cases mean that the time resistance is confirmed. These resistance levels are rated on a scale from 0 to 3 and this scale could change and more filtering could be applied in the future to make this script
even more powerful. I would say this is a functional beta version ( v0.5 ) that could be improved upon and that's what I intend to do. scroll down to see if there are any other upgrades to this script. Each time frame has its own time resistance levels. Future levels could appear at any point;
for example, if there are no future time resistance levels within the next 6 days -lets say,- this does not mean that one doesn't appear tomorrow. A regular check would give you an edge in this script. Of course this is something that can be improved in the near future. This script does not reprint ( confirmed data does not change ) but more future data can be added no previous data.

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
1. Adding more astro influencers into the script.
2. Fine tuning the script a bit more to filter unwanted noise.
3. Adding toggle switches for users to select from. ( toggle between multiple techniques )
and more! feel free to let me know what you'd like to see!

█ How to use :
1. Put the script on your chart
give the script a few seconds and you should be set.

This script is coded as an addon to the Gann ToolBox package/scripts.

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