Bjorgum Triple EMA Strat

-This script uses a triple EMA strategy to establish trend direction and reversal points

-Inputs are smoothed with Heiken Ashi values to reduce whipsaws, while providing timely execution

-Buy and sell indications are dictated by bar color

-Bar color is dictated by the candle close value in relation to the EMAs, specifically the faster of the 3
(If candle closes above or below the fast and intermediate averages, a buy or sell signal is indicated by bar color change)

-If the close falls between the two a cautionary signal is given. The viewer can hold, or take profit, or evaluate other indicators for clues

-Best results are obtained when coupled with Bjorgum TSI and Bjorgum RSI for confirmation of signals (see TradingView profile)

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Notes de version: *NEW*

Added alert function to trigger under the same conditions as a bar color change. This occurs as close crosses the 5 and 9 smoothed averages.

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Notes de version: Display picture update
Script open-source

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You obviously have a talent. Cheers.
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Bjorgum Dmitry325
@Dmitry325, wow thank you
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Nice indicator here!
This is really awesome, great work!
Hi, i would like to implement a function to declare when trend is positive and when is negative for a strategy, would you be able to explain how to declare those variables?
So, entry orders would be:

postrend= the variable

if (inDateRange and postrend and golong)
strategy.entry(id="Long", long=true)

would be so greatfull if you could help me on this. Also dont hesitate to dm me if you wanna get into our little project to automate a bot for crypto. Tysm
Hi, I am Absolute new to this world, yet no computer background at all. Reading all the comments, i interested very much to have your indicator can be installed in my MT4/MT5, but how? would you let me know? Thanks very much
@Goodcoin1, you would need to have this coded into MT4/5 code, Pine script only compiles in TradingView