ATR Daily Levels

Plots the daily ATR on the chart as upper and lower levels.

It can be use to adapt your trading in high and low periods of market volatility , determine reasonable target or take profit, entry at likely mean reversion, stop loss beyond normal flows etc...

More on the script behavior:
- Daily ATR upper/lower levels are applied on the current day low/high;
- The ATR value is defined by the last D1 bar;
- Shows up to D1 timeframe;
- Configuration for the indicator's period (default: 20 period ATR);
- Configuration for plotting the indicator on the the x axis with an offset/at begining of the day (default: offset);
Notes de version: Fix input period on ATR.
Notes de version:
  • enable switching daily ATR values between yesterday-today;
  • allow styling of levels at default and overflow states;
  • change display values from fixed to rounded numbers;
Notes de version:
  • In some charts, gaps are not taken into account. This update fixes it.
  • When there are discrepancies between intraday and D1 OHLC, the script now uses the ones from the currently displayed timeframe.
  • On non 24-7 markets, after weekends and holidays the lines are longer, it fixes their length.
Script open-source

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I have private indicators too!

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ATR Daily Levels is one of the few indicators that could be used in a master plan that shows SL and TP in ready to go form. That's why I use it !
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sbtnc View4U
Me too @View4U, it's my favorite indicator and by far!
Hi sbtnc, first of all, thanks for the indicator!
I am back testing using this indicator and I am using the Yesterday's option, how is it printing yesterdays information forward? Sometimes the 2 ATR levels appear above the current price or below. When this happens price moves to it. Is this meant to happen with the indicator or is it printing there because it knows the price goes there already? As I am using replay mode.
Sorry if this is a dumb question.
kibbs123 kibbs123

an example of what I mean. Thanks!
sbtnc kibbs123
@kibbs123, Thanks for the screenshot. That is good question!

This is specific to the bar replay, when you first “jump to” it knows the final price of that day. However, if you go forward on next day it discovers price as it would happen in real time.
@sbtnc, thanks for the reply! ah I see thanks for clearing this up for me.
Which length is preferred for different time frames?
sbtnc mikeg719
@mikeg719, I have the daily ATR calibrated on a period of 20 days, no matter the timeframe. And this for catching the daily price movement per last month (assuming 20 trading days in a month). Nevertheless, if you want to focus on the more recent volatility you can try a shorter period.
Hi sbtnc, sorry to bother you. How do i get this indicator? Many thanks
sbtnc conradkhan
@conradkhan, No worries, you can get this indicator directly from the Public Library!
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