Fibonacci Averages Trend Oscillator

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The Fibonacci Averages Trend Oscillator is a unique technical indicator that leverages Fibonacci numbers to analyze market trends. It calculates the average trend sentiment over periods determined by Fibonacci numbers and smooths the result to create an oscillator.

Key Features:

  • Uses Fibonacci sequences for trend analysis.
  • Smooths the trend data to create a clear oscillator.
  • Offers adjustable oversold and overbought levels for customized analysis.

  • Max Fib Number: Select the highest Fibonacci number for trend calculation.
  • Smooth: Adjust the smoothness of the oscillator line.
Using the Oscillator:

  • A rising oscillator indicates a bullish trend, while a falling oscillator suggests bearish sentiment.
  • Oversold and overbought levels help identify potential reversal points.
  • Use the oscillator in conjunction with other indicators for comprehensive market analysis.
Tips for Effective Use:

  1. Adjusting Fibonacci Levels: Experiment with different 'Max Fib Number' settings to find the one that best matches your trading style and the asset's characteristics. Higher Fibonacci numbers consider longer periods, which might be more suitable for long-term trend analysis.
  2. Smoothing Level: The 'Smooth' input helps in reducing noise. A higher smooth level results in a less responsive but smoother line, which can be useful for identifying the overall trend direction.
  3. Interpreting Overbought/Oversold: Watch for the oscillator reaching overbought or oversold levels. These points could signal potential trend reversals or consolidation phases.
  4. Combination with Other Tools: For best results, combine the Fibonacci Averages Trend Oscillator with other technical tools like moving averages, RSI, or MACD to validate the signals and develop a robust trading strategy.
The Fibonacci Averages Trend Oscillator offers a unique approach to trend analysis by incorporating Fibonacci numbers into its calculation. Its adjustable settings allow for customization to fit various trading styles and market conditions, making it a versatile tool for traders seeking to enhance their technical analysis capabilities.
Notes de version:
Enhanced efficiency in data gathering processes.
Notes de version:
Code refactor
Notes de version:

- Moved trend analysis calculations to FibonacciAveragesOscillator library for modular use.
- Enabled direct function access for incorporating oscillator into custom scripts.
- Streamlined integration for easier Fibonacci trend analysis in trading strategies.
Notes de version:
Library change
Notes de version:
  • Updated compiler annotations in the library for better documentation.
  • Upgraded indicator to align with the new library version for improved clarity and functionality.

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