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Introducing our new Key Levels indicator! This indicator allows you to see the key levels on the current chart such as previous day lows / highs, pre-market data, yesterday's close, today's open, pivot points, and much more! It's highly user-friendly with every line being individually customizable and having a wide range of text options.

Features of the new Key Levels indicator :
  1. Today & Yesterday High, Low, Open & Close
  2. Previous 3-10th Day Highs & Lows
  3. Pre-Market Highs & Lows
  4. Previous Month High & Low
  5. High & Low Pivots
  6. Combination Of Same Levels
  7. Wide Customization Options

Key levels are important areas in a chart where a significant reaction is expected. In this indicator, you can enable up to the previous 10 days highs and lows, yesterday's close / today's open, and the latest pivot points. Key levels generally act like support & resistance. Here are a few examples :

As shown, key levels play an important role determining the current trend and can be useful in identifying potential levels where the market will reverse or breakout.

1. More Key Levels
We believe that past key levels may be as important as current ones. Some of the key-levels indicators do not include them even though strong reactions can happen around them. Thus, our indicator let's you check up to 10 days backwards.
You can select the ones you think that are the most important and just enable them, making the indicator customizable to your liking.

2. Pre-Market Data
With assets that have pre-market data available, it's crucial to analyze it to have a better understanding of the market in regular trading hours. Our indicator will plot pre-market highs and lows, even if your chart is in the regular trading hours only mode. We believe this will be helpful with your analyzing process.

3. Combination
The indicator can dynamically combine same key levels, so you can have a clear look to the chart without lines & text colliding with each other. This would also help you determine stronger key levels as if a key level occured more than a time, it could be a sign that it's a stronger one. An example :

To summarize, using key levels is an essential skill while detecting zones where strong reactions are expected. This indicator provides up to 10 day's high and low levels, and all of them can be individually turned on / off. Traders that believe older key levels can be important and want to look at the whole picture may use this feature. Also for assets that have pre-market data available, the indicator provides pre-market levels as well. Besides all that, High & Low pivots will provide latest key levels so traders can use them in their decisions.


1. General Configuration
You can enable / disable :
1. Today's High / Low / Open
2. Yesterday's High / Low / Close
3. 3th-10th Day High / Low
4. Pre-Market High / Low
5. Previous Month High / Low

You can also change the colors and switch their line styles between solid, dashed and dotted.

2. High & Low Pivots

Enabled -> Enable / Disable High & Low Pivots

Pivot Range -> The range used in the detection of pivot points. Larger values will result in less pivot points, while smaller values will provide more pivot points. This essentially determines how many bars to the right & left shouldn't exceed the pivot's high or low.

You can also change the text color and text size of the pivots from the settings.

3. Style settings

Text Offset -> How many bars of offset should the texts have to the right. Increase if text collides with bars while Align Labels option is set to "Right".

Extend Lines -> If enabled, lines will be extended infinitely to right & left. If disabled, all lines will be clamped in their timelines.

Show Line Values -> If enabled, line information text will contain their price.

Align Labels ->
Right = Align line labels to right.
Center = Line labels will always be at the center of the screen.
Notes de version:
  • Fixed a problem where pre-market data was sometimes calculated wrong on higher timeframes.
Notes de version:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the pre-market low line not using it's assigned color

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