Rise from All Time Low

This very simple script lets you see how much the asset rose from the All Time Low ( ATL ).

First, the ATL is calculated and plotted. Then, we measure the distance from ATL and current bar close.

Two labels are plotted :
  • ATL label
  • Current close label with rise and rise

It can be useful for penny stocks trading when you want to buy lows but must see how much the price rose last bars to improve entries.

For example, SQBG is actually "only" at x 1.85 from ATL (not an advice in investment) :

If you have ideas to complete or improve this script, let me know in comments ;)
Notes de version:
  • Changed layout of ATL from 0 (value) to ATL : value
Notes de version:
  • Added the option "No background label"
Notes de version:
  • Add a box to tick if you get script error (too much bars back)
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