Anticipated Profit Targets (APT)

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Anticipated Profit Targets (APT)


The Anticipated Profit Targets script is a specialized tool designed to assist traders in visualizing potential exit points for their trades. This is achieved by leveraging the Average True Range (ATR), a renowned measure of market volatility.

How It Works:

ATR Computations: At its core, the script calculates the ATR based on a user-defined number of periods. The ATR captures the range between the high and low prices of an asset over a specific duration, providing a snapshot of its volatility.

Multiplier Application: To fine-tune the profit targets, the ATR is multiplied by a user-defined multiplier. This step adjusts the ATR value, setting the profit targets at a distance from the current price, thus accounting for potential price movements.

Adaptable Timeframes: One of the standout features of this script is its adaptability. Users can select their desired timeframe for the profit target calculations. This flexibility means that a trader can be on a 15-minute chart but visualize profit targets based on the volatility of a 1-hour chart.

Visual Representation: The calculated profit targets are then overlaid onto the current chart. This visual aid provides traders with a clear perspective of potential exit points in relation to ongoing price movements.

Originality and Usefulness:

While the concept of using ATR for setting profit targets isn't new, this script's adaptability across timeframes and its user-centric customization options make it a unique offering. The combination of ATR with dynamic multipliers and timeframe adaptability ensures that traders get a tool tailored to their specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Usage Guidelines:

After adding the script to the chart, traders can adjust the input parameters to their preferences. The anticipated profit targets will then be displayed, offering potential exit points. It's recommended to use these targets in conjunction with other technical indicators and chart patterns for a holistic trading strategy.


ATR Periods: The ATR is calculated using a user-defined number of periods. By default, it's set to 14 periods, a standard setting. The ATR gauges the asset's volatility, and adjusting the periods can increase or decrease its sensitivity to recent price fluctuations.

ATR Multiplier: The ATR is multiplied by a user-defined factor to determine the profit targets. With a default multiplier of 1.5, the profit target will be positioned 1.5 times the ATR above (for bullish trades) or below (for bearish trades) the current price.

Target Timeframe: Traders can choose the timeframe for which the profit targets are calculated. This feature enables viewing of profit targets from higher timeframes on the current chart. For instance, while observing a 15-minute chart, one can see the 1-hour profit targets.

Visual Indicators:

1. Two lines are plotted: the bullish target (in green) and the bearish target (in red).
2. At the onset of each new candle in the selected higher timeframe, labels indicating the precise profit target values are displayed.
3. Price scale labels also showcase the profit targets, offering a quick reference for potential exit points.


Traders can modify the following parameters:

1. ATR Periods: Adjusting the number of periods can refine the ATR's sensitivity to price changes.
2. Multiplier for ATR: Tweaking this value alters the distance between the profit targets and the current price.
3. Timeframe for Profit Targets: A variety of timeframes are available, granting flexibility in viewing profit targets.

How to Use:

After integrating the script into their chart, traders can modify the input parameters as desired. The anticipated profit targets will then be overlaid on the chart, offering potential exit points. When used alongside other technical indicators and chart patterns, this tool can enhance trading decision-making.

Note: This script is designed for educational purposes and should not be considered as financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any trading decisions.
Notes de version:
Added 3 Day option to the target timeframes.

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