Godmode 4.0.2 [Supply/Demand]

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This is the third iteration of Godmode. This time I borrowed the method used by shtcoinr to render supply/demand, resistance and support zones. The idea here is to input the appropriate benchmark tickerid to the asset class you're trading and to paint zones according to the price activity of the selected tickerid. This works very well trying to paint meaningful zones against noisy stocks, currencies, commodities etc. Use a correlation coefficient to determine the best benchmark for your asset class.

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Script open-source

Dans le plus pur esprit de TradingView, l'auteur de ce texte l'a publié en open-source, afin que les traders puissent le comprendre et le vérifier. Bravo à l'auteur ! Vous pouvez l'utiliser gratuitement, mais la réutilisation de ce code dans une publication est régie par les règles internes. Vous pouvez le mettre en favori pour l'utiliser sur un graphique.

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how to use for all stocks. Thanks
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manojm4 Trader78
@Trader78, In the benchmark field - input the name of the stock with the exchange . Example - for TATASTEEL available in NSE , Input as NSE:TATASTEEL
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martinweb manojm4
@manojm4, but it says "Use a correlation coefficient to determine the best benchmark for your asset class." And as a correlation coefficient is the specific measure that quantifies the strength of the linear relationship between two variables in a correlation analysi. Why do you want to compare Tata with Tata?
Just awesome code. many thanks now I just need to train myself to actually follow it.

Do you have any other favorite indicators you use?
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Would love ot use it but after I copied and pasted, saved and loaded on chart, the scipt says ok it was compiled, it shows GodMOde on my chart but nothing comes on chart, no level no data... any help please?
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Philip1988 Deborah_Sbeghen
@Deborah_Sbeghen, Try and change the "CRYPTOCAP:BTC" in "ben0 = input("CRYPTOCAP:BTC", "Benchmark", string)" to the "symbol search" that you are using. Did it on my us30 chart and works 100%.
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kpiyush114 Philip1988
@Philip1988, Can't change the symbol automatically while switching through the watchlist, please help!
Aarti0912 Deborah_Sbeghen
In place of crypto currencies.It worked on my chart.I am still using it.
Hey mate, came across this script when I was looking for S/R or zoning indicators. From first impressions and subsequent use on my charts it's quite impressive. I do have a question about using an appropriate benchmark tickerid. The default setting of CRYPTOCAP:BTC is of use when trading crypto and altcoins. However moving across to FX what would be the ideal tickerid? Alternatively is there any issue with using the tickerid from the asset you are trading. Say I'm on the US 500, could I use the same ID i.e. OANDA:SPX500USD as the input. Cheers
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How to scan a list of the stocks and set alert on the list ?
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