Traders Hedge - Pro with Alerts

Dear Traders,

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." ~Steve Jobs

This quote from Steve Jobs, explains the very essence of this indicator.

Trading is Simple, Why make it complicated. ~ Ravi Chandran

The main motto building this Traders Hedge - Pro indicator is to equip retail traders with a multi purpose tool which in itself will act as a complete trading setup.

This indicator will help you in understanding the market structure and planning your possible entries & exits well in advance.

The indicator & setup is independent of time frames & will work for all trading instruments.

Traders Hedge - Pro Indicator with Alerts you can also set Alerts on your favourite scripts and time frames, to get notification when a Demand or a Supply Zone is created or any Price rejection is formed.

List of all the features is provided below.

1. Trade Type - A quick auto setup for Intraday or Swing trades
2. CPR - Identifies the market structure and helps to plan mean reversions trade setups
3. Weekly Support & Resistance - Automatically identifies and displays the higher time frame support & resistance levels
4. Price Action Triggers - Alert with a trigger symbol shown on the respective candle where a possible price reversal is expected
5. Targets - Plots the possible Major & Minor targets, which helps in planning our possible profit booking & stop loss zones
6. Developing Pivots - Plots the price mean reversion zones for the upcoming trading session
7. Supply & Demand Zones - Plots the demand and supply zones by changing the color of the candle
8. Dynamic Dz & Sz Price Tracking - It dynamically identifies and plots the support & resistance levels
9. Opening Range - Plots the identified opening range on the chart
10. PEMA - Helps in visualizing the trend and also acts as a dynamic support & resistance levels

To set Alerts follow the steps provided below.

1. Go to the symbol chart and select the time frame on which you want to set Alerts.
2. Select Alerts Tab and click on Create Alert, shortcut key Alt+A
3. In Condition Select the option “Price Rejection Alerts“ or “Zone Alerts“ for which you want the alerts to be shown
4. In Options, select Once Per Bar Close
5. Select expiry as per your preference or keep it open-ended
6. Select Alerts Actions as per your preference
7. Alert name is optional
8. Default message is “Price Rejection Alerts“ or “Zone Alert” and can be modified
9. Click on Create and in the warning window select Continue Anyway

How to get the indicator:
To know more about the indicator & to download please check the link in the signature below.

Once you have active alert, you will keep getting notification whenever a Price rejection or new Demand / Supply zone gets created in the identified symbol and time frame you have selected.

Please do feel free to use the indicator and give your valuable feed backs which will help me in optimizing it to a great extent.

I would love to thank each of the traders in this Trading View community in helping me improve on my trading skills.

Happy Trading!

Notes de version: Updated Historic Values & Zig-Zag
Notes de version: Updates
- Shortened the Indicator short name
- Updated Zig-Zag
Notes de version: Updated - Color coded lines name with Price which is mapped to it for better understanding.
Removed - Trend line as it is resource intensive.
Notes de version: Features Newly Added
- Automatically calculates the levels for any time frame
- Automatic trade plan for any instrument describing the key vitals and possible targets
- Updated possible entry , exits & stop loss zones
- Introduced long & short entry triggers for assisting during trade entries
- Customized the labels to show the zones along with the prices on the chart
- Show the next days trade plan along with the levels
- Introduced VWAP for all time frames
Notes de version: Fixed - Bugs
Notes de version: Optimized the dashboard functionality
Notes de version: Bug Fixed
Notes de version: PEMA updated.
Notes de version: Fixed - minor bugs
Notes de version: Updated - Optimized Future Pivots calculations.
Notes de version: Optimized the supply demand formation zones.
Notes de version: Updated Standard Pivot R1 & S1 pivot levels.
Notes de version: Updated the charts with R1, S1, Previous Close prices along with their labels.
Notes de version: Optimized the Dashboard to show the degree of Bullishness & Bearishness.
Notes de version: Updated the Supply Demand Zone
Notes de version: Bug Fixing
Notes de version: Introduced Momentum Trigger

It shows a diamond symbol when ever you see a change in momentum.
Notes de version: Show only relevant levels, the indicator has now intelligence to show only the levels in the direction of the trend. By default it is set to false.
Notes de version: Updates
- Advanced Price Action Triggers
- Option to plot Monthly & Weekly high , low & close key prices

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