Aggregated Funding Rate

AFR - A tool designed for traders who demand real-time, comprehensive insights into funding rates across various exchanges. This script stands out in its ability to aggregate and analyze funding rates from 9 different exchanges, offering unparalleled depth and breadth in market analysis.

Key Features:
Real-Time Monitoring Across Multiple Exchanges: Seamlessly tracks funding rates from top exchanges including Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, Bitget, OKX, and more, ensuring a broad market view.

Sophisticated Algorithms for Accurate Calculations: Each exchange has unique algorithms for funding rate calculation. This script accounts for these variations, providing precise, reliable data. It is important to note that exact calculations are not possible on TradingView due to data limitations; there is no direct access to order books, so for some parts, generalizations have been made.

Dual Modes for Enhanced Understanding:
Standard Mode: Displays the current funding rate as is, for immediate insight.
Annualized Mode: Projects the funding rate on an annual basis, offering a perspective on long-term trends and impacts.

Weighted Analysis Options:
Average Mode: Treats each exchange equally, providing a balanced overview.

Weighted Mode: Adjusts the influence of each exchange based on their perpetual trading volume, offering a nuanced, market-relevant view.

Customizable Exchange Selection: Users have the flexibility to include or exclude specific exchanges from the calculation, allowing for tailored analysis based on personal trading strategies.

User-Friendly Visualization: The script features clear, intuitive plots and color-coded visuals to make data interpretation straightforward and effective.

Versatility in Timeframes: Designed to be adaptable across any timeframe, this tool is equally effective whether you are looking at a 1-minute interval or longer durations. This makes it an indispensable tool for both high-frequency traders and those analyzing broader market trends.

As always, use this indicator in tandem with other tools. This is a very useful indicator, but one should always rely on self-made, backtested and forward tested strategies

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