Super Smoother Velocity w/ Floating Levels [Loxx]

The Super Smoother Velocity with Floating Levels is a technical tool devised to provide clearer price movement insights, drawing from the power of the "Super Smoother" function.

The Super Smoother function is fundamentally a unique formula which leverages trigonometric and exponential concepts to generate a highly smooth value for the given data. This function's intent is to help diminish noise, making the price movements more discernible.

█ Ehlers Super Smoother:

Developed by John Ehlers, the Super Smoother is designed to improve the data smoothing process by eliminating noise in the data. The traditional moving averages, like the simple moving average (SMA) or exponential moving average (EMA), often incorporate noise which can provide false trading signals. Ehlers' goal with the Super Smoother was to produce a filtering technique that retains the smoothness of a moving average while being more responsive to recent price changes and reducing lag.


The Super Smoother aims to minimize the lag seen in traditional moving averages by reducing the influence of short-term price noise. This noise can cause erratic movements in simple and exponential moving averages, leading to potential false signals.

The Super Smoother uses a combination of exponential moving averages with a cyclic component to achieve its goal. By introducing a frequency component (through the use of a sine wave), the Super Smoother tries to focus on the more dominant, longer-term cycles in the data rather than the short-term noise.

The cyclic component is determined by the length (or period) provided to the Super Smoother. This essentially dictates which cycle the filter will focus on the most.


1. Reduced Lag: As compared to traditional moving averages, the Super Smoother's response to price changes is quicker, meaning it's more reactive to recent price data.

2. Noise Reduction: By focusing on dominant cycles and reducing the influence of short-term noise, it offers a cleaner and smoother data representation.

3. Versatility: While designed for price data, it can be applied to other indicators to reduce their noise.

In trading applications, the Ehlers Super Smoother can provide clearer signals about the dominant trend in price data. This can be particularly useful in noisy markets or on lower timeframes where traditional moving averages might produce many false or premature signals.

█ Settings

1. The momentum period, which can be imagined as the heartbeat of this indicator, setting its pace.

2. The range for the maximum and minimum momentum, offering a lens through which to view the price movement extremes.

3. Predefined levels up and down, which are essentially markers that provide a perspective on the potential high and low turning points.

A significant feature here is the signaling mechanism. This mechanism alerts users to potential buy or sell opportunities based on the way the Super Smoother function crosses certain thresholds. There are two distinct modes for these signals:

Levels Mode: This watches for the Super Smoother's crossing of the user-defined upper and lower levels.

Middle Mode: This focuses on the median, observing if the Super Smoother crosses this midway point.

Visual representation is enhanced with color coding. When in Middle Mode, if the Super Smoother is above the median, it's displayed in green, suggesting positive momentum. Conversely, red indicates it's below the median, hinting at negative momentum. In the Levels Mode, green signals the Super Smoother is above the upper level, while red indicates it's below the lower level. Gray is used when the value lies between the two extremes.

For those who prefer a visual cue on their charts, there's an option to showcase colored bars based on the momentum's direction. Additionally, small symbols can be plotted to highlight buy ("L") or sell ("S") signals, depending on the Super Smoother's movement in relation to the predefined thresholds.

Lastly, alert conditions can be set up to notify users whenever a potential buy or sell situation arises, making sure they don't miss key trading opportunities.

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