Short Free Indicator for BITCOIN [only 1H]

Hi traders!

I created this script as many traders (and I!) have been a bit surprised by November 14th 2018.

This script is exclusively for Bitcoin (no other altcoins) and works only in 1H timeframe.

I noticed to get a better rate of accuracy it was not recommended to use this kind of script on other timeframe and on other altcoins.
Why? There are three factors: Price, Waves and Timeframe.
Each chart ( Bitcoin and altcoins) have a specific ADN .

It took me a while (around a thousand hours) to get a good balancing of the rate. Now I have a good equation, I could develop also for any alt on any timeframe (ETH, XRP, NEO, etc.). I will continue to improve some issues we can find (false positives).
Let me know if you are interested!

When a short signal appears, wait for a moment for getting a validation of the market.
Use also your usual indicators for a better view.

This script was developed exclusively for Bitcoin (no other altcoins) and works in 1H timeframe for an optimal use.
Please keep in mind this notice when you are going to use it!

My next script in the development process: SELL and BUY signals (still by timeframe for a maximum accuracy).

You can support my work by a free donation at:

BTC: 12ngvG7Zn3jpYGht5dKMTMW2VAwywNem4C

ETH: 0x4328d46fd934154074efc6959ca143d800674efd

Paypal: paypal.me/cryptorenard

Even as tiny as a fart of a rabbit, it would be really appreciated :)

Stay safe, be humble and don’t forget to put a magic stop loss each time you trade!


“Good things come to those who wait.“
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