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9 months ago i have sold a large amount of my BTC with the precious help of the media.
During last 7 months i have short all your euphoria ( cf all my previous charts).
Guess what happened now ?


Yes guys, i'm back in the game (in fact i'm half-back you should never be over exposed to the market). I have closed my shorts positions. And i'm buying your cheap BTC . I have already started to accumulate LTC since we are not able (or just marginally) to make new low under 49$.

What happened since my last call 3 months ago ? NOTHING and that's what looks goooood. We have try to break the support zone and be reject pretty easily at 5750 (the exact target of my precedent chart "TAKE CARE OF WYCKOFF").

Uneducated and leveraged speculator are over shorted a support which is not break : https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

That's good for the bulls.

Now how works the psychology behind a CRASH market ?

Wave 1 : After a parabolic rise and an ultimate FOMO. The bears manage to break the trend line and send a clear signal : BULL SEASON IS OVER. This is a very hard wave to predict and the more vertical one. All the weak-hands and the people who buy too much on EUPHORIA phase are NOW DEAD. You are alive ? Nice you got to the next level.

Wave 2 : Every investors and professional traders know this wave is coming. They wait this one to exit the rest of their position. New investors and moonboys are FOMOing again and reinforce their position ! Despite the enormous volatility they can't see this is a new market ! THEY ARE BUYING THE DIP !! Result ? BULLTRAP. You have reinforce your long position ? You have use some leverage ? CONGRATS YOU'RE DEAD.

Wave 3 : This is the mothers of the waves, the one that will break all your supports ! All your bullish patterns are invalidated, you BUYS the supports ? You are DEAD, wave 3 destroyed them. All people who have bought BTC over 10K are dead or are bag holders. In this wave the BEARS are in full control of the market. you have FEAR and brutal Capitulation.

Wave 4 : This one is a tinny bitch, she gives you some hope. "OK GUYS THAT WAS ABC correction WE ARE FINE", few traders and investors who are not dead yet (trust me they are few, less than 40% for sure) get momentum euphoria ! "WOAW LOOK AT THE VOLUME THIS REVERSAL". Everyone jump in (including all the guys who have sold at 12k then buy the bull trap and then sold at 8k). Just before you break the RESISTANCE. Market tell you "NO". The fear is real, the sell-off quick again, price lose 1K in 1h. It's already too late for you : YOU ARE DEAD.

Wave 5 : Oh man, wave 5. This one is the worst one, his nickname ? Despair. Why ? Because all the Smart money and most of the professional have now let you alone. You are ALONE in the DARKNESS. You see others littles fish without light which are trying some actions. In the depths they have no more whales, no more sharks, they have YOU a ridiculous little fish and there are some strange algae (algo bots). Their goal is to STRANGLE you. MOONBOYS and Amators are already all dead. This wave is sicking real investor blood. How much traders you followed have been wrong during this wave trying to find the bottom ! Just tell me. At this time the market is rejected on every resistance. YOU CANT PASS a single resistance now, all the pumps are faster and faster, lower and lower. The volatility is dying, the investors begin to think BTC is just dead. No volume , no volatility : nothing. You buy every FOMO ? YOU ARE DEAD. Speculator are leaving the market after they lost all their money, investors begin to sell to buy GOLD , SPX and some real assets. Life goes on... but not BTC . BUT this wave don't want to break only the holders. This wave killed all the shorters and sellers too. You can't make new high, you can't make new low. Fake breakout and breakdown are everywhere. YOU ARE LOST. But i have a BIG NEWS for YOU. If despite all this you are still ALIVE (and i mean have not loss +30% of your capital) Congratulations POP CHAMPAGNE to this, it's your moment so enjoy it. You are one of the 5% who will eventually win money on this market.

Wave 1 and 2 : Smart money and professional traders need time to accumulate. So they take it. They buy your fear. IM BUYING YOUR FEAR. "This rally suck", yes but bears can't establish new low. You have to be creative to find a technical support at this time. This is maybe the best opportunity wave in a LIFE TIME.

So guys after this little story, i have decided to give you some of my real work. I hope you will enjoy and BLOW UP the likes. I'm doing this shit one time. I'll not do it everyday.



The crash begging with the entry of the FUTURES so let's talk about it ! You can see the nice and massive triangle which is only as beautiful on this chart. You can see the volume begin to spike again near the Apex. And the RSI shows real strength. The weekly RSI on this chart is making a massive BULLISH divergence .


And now some Master Piece. This is my personal indicators. I give it you for FREE :

This is the TOTAL MARKET CAP which shows you a MONSTER WEEKLY BULLFLAG ready to BREAKOUT (these flag breakout 70% of time). We are speaking about all the Crypto world ready to explode.

EVERYONE is comparing BTC 2014 to BTC 2018.

5% spread ? Guys that might be THE END.

AS always a CRASH is a very hard market to predict. It can take waaaaayy more time than on my graph but i trully believe the crash is end OR the 2018 crash will begin to be very very dirty because all the crypto world have already retrace as much as the 2014 CRASH. You have seen i have made a LOT of money selling your FOMO last 6 months so i can risk this trade. My stop loss is under 5700$ under 46$ for LTC in case i am wrong. This is my personal trading, not an assertion or and advice to BUY or SELL.

I wish you all the best. Please if you enjoy this update, show me your support : LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.


Transaction en cours
Commentaire: So far so good : https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...
Commentaire: As expected, 0.786 retracement hold the price for now : https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...
Commentaire: Well, that's typically why you should never play against the trend. For now, I have NOT yet given my stop-loss to the Market! I could have, but I still think the volume is not so enormous and the smart money is trying to kill the last survivor investors.

Here is the last chance to the market to remain bullish: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

If we can reintegrate the support area (around 5650) before the weekly close (with the current support of the 175 WMA which has prevented the free fall) we should be OK.

However, if the bears managed to break the WMA and provide a new weekly low the next week, then I'm sorry to say you that as in my first thought the Cryptocurrency market is going to have a historically crash.

Have a nice week-end everyone !
Commentaire: And the entire Cryptosphere retests his breakout: So far...so good.
Trade fermée: ordre d’arrêt atteint: I should have have let more time to my first view, a crash can end with rounding bottom (die of volatility for months) or with a V bottom (that's what we are facing now) :

My targets are still the same than 4 months ago
Commentaire: Educational content for people who understand French:


Interesting. i think we have 6-8 months of slow sideways. People always think there is a crash or they think its a new bull. No one ever talks about the worse case scenario. The market going absolutely nowhere for a long long time where neither bulls or bears make money and both sides get bored.
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@rzmb44, Totally possible. I have said it in my description :).
jamesasb rzmb44
@rzmb44, plz, dont, , just dont ..
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Germi rzmb44
@rzmb44, you can make money also in sideway
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@Germi, it's a dangerous game
Germi Germi
@Germi, it's just called scalping
Good luck with this investment strategy
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@ReallyMe, It's actually worked out really well in most markets. Scooped up a ton of cheap stock last week since everyone was calling for 'the next recession'. Honestly, stocks have been more volatile than crypto lately, it's weird.
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ReallyMe MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, What makes you sure that these stocks were "cheap"? If stocks will continue to fall in the following weeks, you will be left sitting on a nice loss heap.
@ReallyMe, If the majority was calling for a recession, it's clear that there is enough money on the sidelines to support it.