GOLD Strategy for tonight's news

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TVC:GOLD   CFD sur Or (US$/OZ)
Trading strategies GOLD :

GOLD price declined due to pressure from the rise of USD. This morning, the US Dollar Index, which measures the volatility of the greenback, exceeded 103 points, taking away GOLD the attractiveness of GOLD .

Interest rates did not decrease, causing investors to continue withdrawing capital from GOLD to shift to other fields such as bonds and securities. Therefore, it is likely that prices will continue to decline in the short term.

According to the technical analysis chart, GOLD is still in the Corrective Downtrend and follows its parallel downtrend. So we will wait for Buy at the confluence of Trend + Keylevel at the end of H4
Transaction en cours:
BUY GOLD zone : 1902 - 1990

Stoploss : 1892

Take Profit : 1906
Take Profit : 1912
Take Profit : 1918
Transaction en cours

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