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Expectation strategy XAUUSD

Gold temporarily ignores the view of the small frame, with the h4 view, the rsi indicator currently shows that it is in the oversold area, the price is also far away from the ema range calculated for chart D1, which means this area is no longer the best selling area if you look at it. long-term.

Calculating the decline phase from 1989 to 1886 is also more than 100 prices and there has been no correction phase, if gold re-enters the recovery cycle, it will at least go up to 30-50%, ie the range of 30-50 prices. regression fibo milestone. According to the weekly plan, the best selling zone according to the h4 chart should wait to sell around 1935 (right at the moving resistance range, also around the fibo50 zone), the buy zone should wait around 1860, which is ema89 according to the weekly chart.

Day-to-day, or session-based trading plans all prioritize scalping style, so please pay attention to consider adjusting the entry accordingly.

Plan to sell around 1900 is scalping, so it will be kept until there is a change, it will be announced later.
Transaction en cours:
SELL XAUUSD zone 1897.5

SL : 1995

TP 1 : 1892
TP 2 : 1888
TP 3 : 1883

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