NZDJPY will drop untill october.

OANDA:NZDJPY   Dollar Néo-Zélandais / Yen Japonais
This pair is into a great downtrend, we recently got an almost 2 weeks retracement ended by a high test candle right at the 50EMA level sending the price back in the down direction.
I believe it will continu to drop until the end of the month down to 0,67
Since we are a little bit late to enter on the daily chart i'll search on the intraday charts in the following days to catch the moove and sell this pair.

I'll publish updates here if i take a trade so if you want to follow just like this idea with the thumb or click on "follow this idea".

Here is the weekly chart, a bigger retracement would have been apreciated.

I've published very similar set ups in french on AUDUSD and CADJPY , i give you the links below.
Toujours valide. En attente d'opportunitées.
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