Is Safran a good investment right now ?

After the huge krash on the whole market last year, Safran is one of the best aeronotic stock that bounced back, since may 2020.

The main explanation is : Safran has a strong military activity, with the French Army (Air and Navy).

The contracts with transport and fighter jets permit to Safran to keep an activity, even during the 1st wave in 2020. Also, the production of APU and engines for civilian and military helicopters gave many activity too. In 2020, the 4th quarter was better, the activity of the company was higher than the 3rd quarter (-30% during the 4th and -42% for the 3rd one).

About money : Safran saw its revenues decreased by 33%, for 16 billions for the whole year.
It will give a dividende in may 2021, after the quarter resultats, wich will be 0.43€/stock.

Why am I confident for the future ?

Fundamentally, Safran has a lot of plans :
-First, it's the chosen one, for developping the engine for the SCAF (the next european fighter jet). This company has a lot of experience, because it developped Rafale and Mirage engines too.
-Second, on the mid-term, Safran is currently working on the next civilian engines, these engines will use less fuel and their C02 emissions will be less important too, and this solution is for 2030. These engine will be useful for short flights (European destinations for example).
-Third, on the long term (2050), Safran is developping the engine of the future, wich will be able to fly without kerosene, wich would be amazing, because it says these engine will pollute a lot less and will be able to do long flight such as Paris->New-York.

Technically :

The bounce was important, since may 2020.
Currently, the stock stays in an ascending pattern, and I stay confident for the long term.
I think we can go higher, by breaking the october 2019 resistance, and then doing a new ATH, why not ? :-)

Let's see the evolution.

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