ATR and RSI Buy / Sell Signal Beta 1.0

This has been a long time coming for me.

I need to clean it up and add inputs for others to customize it that's why its protected.

This is configured for US securities.

Goal: Signal when to enter a trade on either side

Method: ATR and 2 RSI signals using:

3 Minute Chart Resolution

MUST have an active (can be hidden) BUILT-IN ATR ; length = 4 and set to RMA smoothing

MUST add the script; THEN go to the scripts settings and change the source to ATR. TV does not allow this to be set to default (that I know of)

I have default settings how I use them but you can modify:

ATR period (Length) =4

ATR multiplier = 0.9 (can edit by 0.1 increments.

The 1st Length/offset/resolution is defaulted to the 1 minute RSI .

The 2nd Length/offset/resolution is defaulted to the 3 minute RSI .


*Please understand I use a length of 4 for this script, that is why the RSI OB/OS limits are so high/low.

Overbought conditions will light yellow if the 1m RSI > 90 and the 3min RSI > 85 and the time is between 09:42am and 16:00

Oversold conditions will light yellow if the 1m RSI < 10 and the 3min RSI < 10 and the time is between 09:42am and 16:00

The script ensures that if it is OB/OS under these conditions than it will not signal a buy or sell.


The script identifies reversals via the close breaking past the previous ATR on the preceding candle. ATR will not move UP on a short and will not move down on a long. It trails the last candle it was not broken.

The script plots labels up and down to identify the start of a reversal. Each start will have an accompanying line to display the continuation of the trend in one direction.

The script displays the value of the STOP as it trails price action. One could continue to mirror this value if you chose to. I use the fib tool for my targets and manage it as P/A demands.


The script identifies a trend by analyzing BOTH RSI (1m and 3m ) measures and requires that the current bar's readouts for BOTH measures are either greater or lower than the preceding candle.

The script also requires that both measures are above or below 50 to signal a trend.

The script will plot the trend as arrows up or down, it will display a (-) when the these conditions are not met.

Requirements to signal a BUY (LIME GREEN) or SELL ( BRIGHT RED):

**Ensure your chart candle colors are faded so you can see the signal.**
**Precision is set to 0; remember TV rounds up or down for the visual measure but uses the exact measure for the script**

During the first 12 minutes:
There are no OB/OS conditions as informed in section 1.

ATR stop line must be present OR the current bar close is higher than the ATR stop of the preceding candle whether it is a long or short stop signal. Quick whips are accounted for.

The current bar close MUST be higher or lower than the preceding candle's HIGH or LOW.

The script MUST identify the RSI signalling as detailed above in section 3.

The candle will light LIME or BRIGHT RED when these conditions are met and will not deceive the statements I have made.

It is important to understand that the signal may become null if the conditions do not persist through the final close of the candle. This means that a snapshot of the indicator does not accurately represent
what it will display at different times during each countdown of EACH 3 minute candle. Sometimes it signals to go long and once RSI gets too high it no longer signals. This is a good thing. Limits FOMO entries.

@ 09:42 until 16:00
OB/OS yellow candles will now occur as detailed in section 1.

Candles MUST clear the HIGH or LOW of the TWO preceding candles.

Candles MUST be trending as defined in section 3.

Candles MUST conform the conditions of the ATR stop.

I want to thank;
and I will even thank the manual lol

I have manually back tested this because I am working on the proper coding to have TV do it for me.

My strategy requires me to cover 25% of my position at 0.5 of the TV ATR 4 length RMA indicator.

Once the first target is hit than the STOP is moved to break-even.

If the target is not hit than my maximum loss is also 0.5 of the TV ATR 4 length RMA indicator.

I tested 3 full days, always on the 3min chart.

I tested 96 trades. All occurring immediately upon signal.

85 were wins and 9 were losses, 88.5% profitable.

Please understand that my intend is to cover enough quickly to cover commission costs and limit losses.

The remaining 75% of my position are sold off in the following pattern unless P/A demands that I override the FIB tool. Let them run when you can.

Position ENTRY
25% cover @ 0.5 x ATR
25% of remaining position cover @ 1.75 x ATR
25% of remaining position cover @ 2.5 x ATR
25% of remaining position cover @ 3.5 x ATR ( APX 40% of the initial position)

I will further back test in the near future with an expanded risk.

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