[LCS] Bar Heatmap

The script is an overlay aimed at making price action within a range more comprehensible, i.e. what is the “story” that the band range is telling in relation to the price. You’ll see bars become brighter as they come near the upper or lower band, and dimmer around the average/middle of the two bands. This makes it easier to spot when the price is within an oversold or overbought area or when its experiencing a strong trend movement. The color shift from one to the other can also give a sense as to whether the price action is changing character (going from bullish to bearish or vice versa).

Settings are available for customization to the user's liking.

How to use:
1. Add the indicator.
2. Add another indicator to use as the source, such as Bollinger Bands, which provides upper and lower plots for a channel range.
3. Click the gear icon to access the indicator settings.
4. Mandatory: Select the Upper Band and Lower Band settings as the upper and lower plots from your source indicator of choice to define the range.
5. Save settings. You should now see bars on your chart.
6. Access the Chart Settings (not the indicator settings) and hide the Body, Borders, and Wick for the default candle bars to avoid overlap.

You may need to perform additional configuration steps in your source indicator to appropriately size the range of the upper and lower band plots for a meaningful visualization.
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