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Hi everyone,

Just sharing a script that I made when I began to be interested in Mark Minervini, Wiliam O'Neil, Nicolas Darvas,.. trading style.

This script displays :
- 10 EMA (orange)
- 20 EMA (blue light)
- 50 SMA (blue)
-150 SMA (green)
-200 SMA (red)
- Shows when the stock is "extended" from EMA10 to high of the candle (Works in Daily, you can adjust the % to make it match with the stock's volatility)
(Shows a red area between price and 10 EMA)
- Shows when Mark Minervini's trend template is respected by highlighting green between 150 & 200 SMA.

I Although added bollinger bands and 5 EMA for very strong stocks. (I never use them)

Have fun
Notes de version:
Removed useless comments
Notes de version:
Removed useless comments
Notes de version:
- Removed indicators that were polluting the visual overview
Notes de version:
- Added the possibility to display 3 Week Tight Closes to see potential accumulation (too confirm with low volume) and trade setup within STAGE 2 Market
Notes de version:
- Modified the code to only make the extended color in Daily Graph
- Improved a little bit the Weekly Tight Closes Detector
Notes de version:
'- Remove 'Trade'' by 'Trend' in the commentary
Notes de version:
- Now possible to display inside bars on every time frame
Notes de version:
- Changes Graph Exemple
- Added the possibility to modify inside day color line
- Added a bigger size to double inside days
Notes de version:
- Modified Tight Closes so that they are :
-> Auto-adaptable on every chart
-> Now very close to what we can see in Wiliam O'Neil's Book
-> Subtly indicated by soft boxes
-> Color can be modified in the parameters box
Honestly... I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, I'm really proud of the result ! Haha
Notes de version:
- Corrected a bug that appears in Da Graph due to Tight Closes Display
Notes de version:
- Extended Price are now auto-adaptive
Notes de version:
- Changed the green lines by boxes using
- Coloured inside the lines of the inside days
- Added some comments and reorganised the code a little
Notes de version:
Re-organised position and feature's names
Notes de version:
- Added comment in english regarde the 52We part (It was in French before)
- Added the Mark Minervini Trend Template in comments from "Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard"
Notes de version:
- Now Inside Days and Tight Closes are thinner
- Removed the bolinger bands
- Added the 10 SMA in red, now possible to display it
- Adjusted the box arround Weekly Tight Closes
Notes de version:
- Arranged Inputs
- Now Extended Daily displays only in Daily TF
- Now Weekly Tight Closes displays only in We
- Now possible to change color of the area when trend template criteria are met
Notes de version:
- The trend template is now displayed in Daily only
Notes de version:
- Went from Pine Script v4 to v5
- Added optional Peak/Valley points
Notes de version:
- You can now display % variation of Peak/Valley points
Notes de version:
- You can now adjust color of the SMA/EMA
- Optimized the code a little bit

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