Mes Abréviations de Trading

FOREXCOM:EURUSD   Euro / Dollar Américain
Bonjour à tous.

Je vous partage mes abréviations que j'utilise pour le Trading.

Analyses et Graphiques :
AMD: Accumulation, Manipulation & Distribution
AR: Asian Range
BB: Breaker Block
BISI: Buy side Imbalance Sell side Inefficiency
BMS: Break in Market Structure
BSL: Buy Stop Liquidity
CBDR: Central Bank Dealer Range
CO: Composite Operators
COT: Commitment Of Traders
CPB: Complex Pullback
DOL: Draw On Liquidity
DP: Decision Point
EQH: Equal Highs
EQL: Equal Lows
FVG: Fair Value Gap
HH: Higher High
HL: Higher Low
HNS: Head and Shoulders
HOD: High Of the Day
HOTW: High Of the Week
HRLR: High Resistance Liquidity Run
HTF: Higher Time Frame
IMB: Imbalance
IOF: Institutional Order Flow
IPDA: Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm
IT: Institutional Trader
LH: Lower High
LL: Lower Low
LOKZ: London Open Kill Zone
LP: Liquidity Pool
LQ: Liquidity
LRLR: Low Resistance Liquidity Run
LTF: Lower Time Frame
MM: Momentum
MS: Market Structure
NFP: Non-Farm Payroll
NYOKZ: New York Open Kill Zone
OB: Order Block
OBIM: Order Block with Imbalance
OTE: Optimal Trade Entry
PD: Premium Discount
PDH: Previous Day High
PDL: Previous Day Low
PRZ: Price Reversal Zone
PWH: Previous Week High
PWL: Previous Week Low
RR: Risk Reward
RSP: Real Structure Point
RTO /RTOB: Return To Origin/Order Block
SH: Stop Hunt
SHC: Stop Hunt Candle
SIBI: Sell side Imbalance Buy side Inefficiency
SMS: Shift in Market Structure
SMT: Smart Money Tool
SSL: Sell Stop Liquidity
TF: Time Frame
TGT: Target
TSL: Turtle Soup Long
TSS: Turtle Soup Short
WHB: Weak Handed Buyers
WHS: Weak Handed Sellers
WKF: Wyckoff

Wyckoff :
PS: Preliminary Support
PSY: Preliminary Supply
SC: Selling Climax
AR: Automatic Rally
ST: Secondary Test
SPR: Spring
TEST: Test
SOS: Sign Of Strength
SOW: Sign Of Weakness
LPS: Last Point of Support/Supply
LPSY: Last Point of Supply
BU: Back-up
JAC: Jump Across the Creek
UT: Upthrust
UTAD: Upthrust After Distribution
TR: Trading Range
WAS: Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic
WDS: Wyckoff Distribution Schematic
CO: Composite Operators
LP: Liquidity Providers

Positions :
BE: Break Even
SL: Stop Loss
TP: Take Profit
EP/PE: Entry Point
RR: Risk Reward
PC/CP: Partial Closing
CH: Close Half
P: Pip’s
MC /CM: Manual Closing

Cette liste n'est pas complète, mais en tout cas il y a l’essentiel.

N'oubliez pas de liker, partager, commenter et vous abonner.

Bonne journée à tous.